Molave Milk Station

Monday, July 22, 2013

After our fun yet tiring trip at the Kawasan Falls, we stopped over to this milk station to try their famous Ice cream.. hence, it was a long 3 hour drive so we needed a break.

But unfortunately, we went there a little late I think.. because they already ran out of Ice cream.. sad.. 
But the good thing was... we get to try one of the best of cebu's delicacies, the Ngohiong (cebu's lumpia) 

It looks like kikiam or lumpiang shanghai at first.. only the stuffing was ubod. They sell this for P10/piece. 
the taste was divine and also the sauce was the bomb!! its definitely a must try...
They said that if you haven't taste the Ngohiong-- well you haven't been to Cebu. So yup, you gotta try this!

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