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Friday, July 5, 2013

After being at the school lib for awhile, Pauline and I decided to go to the Robinsons magnolia to have some cakes for our sweet tooth. We happened to try the Secret Recipe's Php99 promo (?) Awesome!

I love secret recipe and I always go for macchiato whenever I visit here. 

So here I ordered for the moist chocolate cake.. and ofcourse macchiato coffee. The cake was so deliciously moist and yummy! I love the caramel filling in the middle, and it goes really well with the macciato coffee. We asked for ice because I'm not much of a fan of hot coffees. Oh welps. because I love Tea! :p

Pauline ordered for chococlate banana and also for macchiato coffee. 
She liked the cake but not so with the coffee.

 and ofcourse, we ended up taking photos. haha


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