Tea Time: Silvermoon Tea (Green Tea)

Friday, July 26, 2013

I've been meaning to blog about this TEA eversince my sister got it for me from Singapore. It's my current favorite right now hence it's a green tea (a mix of sencha, dried strawberry and madagascar vanilla) which we all know is really good for the skin! I usually drink this Tea whenever I read a book.. like this one "Write here, Write now" by AA Patawaran-- reviews about this book soon. x

It's called the Silver moon Tea by The Wellness Group a.k.a TWG.
Silvermoon Tea is the TWG's best seller of all times.. it's actually the world's favorite or to quote them "an eternal favorite". The smell of this tea is just fantastic and amazing! it has an aroma of berries and vanilla that can make you feel giddy and excited to taste the tea already. It smells really pretty.. I kid you not!

 A box like this has 15 tea bags for $21 or you can buy this at TWG shop for Php995 I think (?) 
The box or the packaging itself has a luxurious feel to it because it's gold and shinny. 
Each tea bags were hand sewn carefully too and is made of 100% cotton. This allows the full transfer of rich flavor and aroma of this Tea into the pot/a cup. Truly an art at it's finest. right?
FYI:  Each Tea bags can be used for atleast 5 cups if you're using a pot.
The taste of Silvermoon Tea is just fantastic and not over powering. The smell is very relaxing too and very girly because of its fruity smell. I loooove love Silvermoon Tea! Plus it's green tea which is really good for the skin. I always make sure I get enough of green tea for my body and skin so I drink atleast 2 cups of this Tea everyday as my beauty regimen. But it's so expensive.. and I wanted to drink this tea only once a week or twice at most.. that's why I'm looking for a great green tea replacement out there which I can happily drink everyday without feeling the guilt. haha Yep! A cheapskate right here. :))


  1. Oh my! I want this kaso super expensive :((

  2. Aahh its my favorite TWG tea too! And yes you're right, the aroma is very girly and it is a lovely tea to drink ;)

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