23 random what the facts about me!

Friday, August 9, 2013

I just thought about doing this since it's been awhile since I last had and updated my "random facts about me". So yeah here goes:

  1. First thing that you should know about me is that... I am damn obsessed with FRIES!!! I love fries and I just can't eat a burger without fries. I find it really boring without fries.. I also eat fries with rice. I know it's weird.. but yeah fries has been an old faithful ever since. It's kind of a problem!

  2. As much as I am obsessed with fries, I am also obsessed with PIZZA. Pizza is my life.

  3. I freaking love DONUTS. They are my soulmate.

  4. I am definitely not a fan of sodas. I only drink coke whenever I eat at fast food restos.. but the rest I always opt for water! WATER is good. The more water you drink, the more hydrated your skin will be.

  5. I am naturally curly. And I am actually planning to just maintain my curly hair as it is. Yup. I am saying NO to rebonding and shiz.

  6. I love ramen, miso ramen is the bomb!

  7. Whenever I would visit a cupcake store, I always go for the Red Velvet cupcake.. you know it's just my way of comparing whether they really have better cupcakes than all the rest. Yup so red velvet is the real deal! haha

  8. I LOVE TEA. I'm sure everyone knows about this already.

  9. I take pills because I am an insulin resistant and my hormones are not normal, meaning I have more male hormones in my body. Icky! So it's really hard for me to lose weight because of the Pills and my health problems. phew! But now I stopped because I had to lose weight for the summer. 

  10. Despite the fact that I have insulin resistance problem (which we all know could cause obesity and diabetes) I am still obsessed with sweets! I just maintain my weight over the years just to feed my sweet tooth's craving.

  11. I have problems with just sitting down after I eat.. I just hate the feeling of having a full stomach so I always walk around the house for an hour or so before I can finally sit.

  12. I hate exercising. Yup there you go! Judge me.. but I know someday I will find enough courage to do so. Hopefully soon.. I'll try running with my two time 42 km finisher champ boyfie when he gets back!

  13. I hate smokers. Period!

  14. I love my alone time. I tend to shut people out. I am such a loser like that.

  15. I go to the grocery stores almost everyday! It's my favorite place to hang-out. haha

  16. I am a born again christian by heart.

  17. Getting old. Wrinkles. Premature lines. Ageing skin.. etc. Scares the shit out of me! Because you know, there's this gummy girl who's probably on her late 20's but she looks way way older than her age. She looks 35+ something.. Scary! That's why right now, I'm obsessing with different skin care products because I believe that prevention is better than cure. I wanna look really young for as much as I could.

  18. I know how to RAP. And I am pretty good at it. ha!

  19. I am obsessed with calamares! yum.

  20. I don't usually eat PORK. I can only eat pork when it's a processed one...like hotdogs, ham, spam.. but not like a hardcore pork right infront of my face. Especially the lechon! Oh my gosh.. I just can't do it. Nope.. I am not putting that thing on my mouth!

  21. I am obsessed with babies! and I wanna be a mom someday. That's actually one thing I am looking forward the most. In God's perfect time I know He'll give us one.

  22. I am crazy inlove with my current beau right now and I can honestly say that I think he's the one. Yup I am such a crazy blessed girlfriend for having such a man like him. Cheesiness overload!

  23. As much as I am scared of heights.. I secretly want to be a flight attendant! haha kidding! nope. totally not kidding and not just secretly. I so wanna be a flight attendant! I don't know.. there's just something about their uniform that makes them so fab. lol

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