Azucar Boulangerie and Patisserie

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Azucar is a spanish word means Sugar. This new little pink boulangerie and patisserie near Robinsons magnolia is definitely a must try. Not only they have a really good set up but they also have yummy and affordable cakes that would make your sweet tooth really happy on a budget! (plus its a WIFI ready) definitely a new hang-out place for Paulinians and crazy cake addicts!

As you walk inside the patisserie.. these gorgeous cakes will be the first one to greet you.
Not only they sell cakes but they also have breads and cookies.. well obviously as boulangerie means breads/bakery. You can also buy the most raved about Speculoos cookie butter by Trader Joe for P500!
They were on a soft opening when we visited so they didn't have the menus yet.. but they already had their grand opening yesterday though, which we failed to attend because of the heavy rains.. boo!
yummy treats!
I so wanna try their sandwiches!
They also offer an amazing unlimited pastries and brewed illy coffee for only Php300! But exclusively for us though, we can have TEA instead of coffee. hahaha spoiled much? lol

For starters, we tried their molten chocolate cake ala mode (Php35- small)

and then they gave us Coco-mango gateau (Php 90) to try. Pauline loved it! 

I forgot what it's called but definitely it's like a cheesypop/crempuff without the custard kind of food.
Probably good to eat with coffee.

A small Turtle Pie (Php35) it's like a mousse cake.. and I like this!

On the next day, we visited Azucar again and this time we tried their "best sellers" like this baby right here.. I wanted to buy the Japanese cake but this cheesecake mamon really caught my attention. 
So I ordered this instead Cheesecake mamon (Php60) and true enough, I wasn't disappointed at all. This one tastes really good! It's so soft, and moist and unlike other sponge cakes out there this one is non drying. I can't really describe the taste, it's like leche-flan that has a bit of scrambled egg or whatever. It's yummy!

moist chocolate cake (Php 100) Pauline ordered this one and according to her the cake needs a little bit more of sugar to save this. 

and surprisingly they send us this UBE Ice cream on our table to try! yay. spoiled much. :))
I like this.. it's like ube with a hint of pandan! This is a must try.

Our favorite spot.

Pauline and Nico had the molten chocolate cake ala mode (Php 85-big) 
and the Brownie ala mode (Php 85) They both loved it!

and lastly, they gave us these three pineapple tarts (?) which is my new favorite now! this is so yummy.. I am actually looking forward to visit Azucar again just to buy these! haha

For more info you can contact Azucar by these numbers:

mobile: 0917-8298227
landline: (02) 622-6109

> Just behind Robinsons Magnolia mall.

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