Bantayan Island a.k.a Sugar Beach!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bantayan Island has the best sand bar I have ever been so far..

The Sugar beach! it's located at Sta. Fe northern part of Cebu. We stayed here for two nights and it has the longest shoreline I've ever seen, it was pure God's perfect creation. The water is just incredible and I just love love everything about this beach. The weather, the food, the white sand, the waves, everything! I just hope the government could see so much potential and will allot time and money to develop this beach, I mean if given a chance? I certainly think that this Bantayan beach will be so much better than Boracay! This will be a good investment for the country. Tourism will be so much better! I believe Philippines has a lot of beautiful beaches to offer including this one. We just don't have the money to develop such beaches. What a sad reality.. 
During our second day, I woke up feeling a little bit excited to walk in the morning and see what the beach has to offer. I put on my sunglasses, sunblock and my roxy dress. While I was walking a little bit further from where we stayed I noticed such a pool or lake looking like kind of thing or whatever (?) but it was so fascinating to see.. and I really wonder how that happened but it was so beautiful and really cool! The kids were playing at this pool-like so it was actually really good. 
The sand was supposed to be really white.. I was just using my iphone so bare with the photos. But nonetheless, it was an astounding view.

ofcourse, I had an opportunity to do some TANNING time. haha

If you're looking for some quiet and peaceful time at the beach, then the Sugar beach Resort is just right for you! Do not go here during the holy week though because I heard it's jampacked with people here.

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  1. Sugar Beach is also one of my fave beaches in Bantayan island. The sandbar is just plain awesome! And hey, I love your photos. The place does make for lovely visual mementos. ^_^


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