Chef's noodle!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I had a date with Andi yesterday, we were supposed to try this new Korean resto with Pauline but she bailed out on us.. actually no, she didn't bail out.. she just didn't show up! haha Anyways, we had fun nonetheless. Plus this resto is unbelievably super affordable! Like literally bat shit affordable.

"Chef's noodle is a fast-casual dining restaurant concept whose core products are noodles, sushi, and rice meals. Its signature dish, Chef’s Noodle, has been a popular favorite in Korea… and now the Philippines.  Chef’s Noodle is also the home of the famous Starking Fire Sushi — the first of its kind… only at Chef’s Noodle.  All of its menu offerings are master creations of its celebrity Chef, Choi In Sun, that are exclusive to all Chef’s Noodle. Chef’s Noodle is not just another ordinary Korean restaurant; Chef’s Noodle is a brand that offers great experience to a variety of unique and appealing food choices that are truly value for money.  At Chef’s Noodle, dining is always a delightful experience — from the friendly and courteous staff to the healthy and appetizing food selection, our customers will surely keep coming back. Experience healthy Korean cuisine at its best…only at Chef’s Noodle."

 I don't know what else to say about this resto but I think that the concept of the resto or the interior as it is, is really cool and I love it. It has this cozy and homey feeling that I really dig.

I decided to get the bibimbap and don kas for Andi. While we were waiting we noticed this little thingy ma jiggy and I think that it's a really cool way to call the attendant's attention.

They serve unlimited kimchi.. btw! But it's a sad thing that we don't eat kimchi. haha
 my bibimbap (Php99) + Iced tea and soup = a steal!
Just a big bowl of goodness! 

This is basically a rice topped with veggies, meat and egg. I didn't finish the whole thing because it's a super big bowl of rice and I was really full in an instant. It was spicy and I actually love the meat, although there's nothing really spectacular about it.. But I think the price is just right for the taste. I didn't get to take a picture of what Andi ordered, but it was a pork breaded fillet thing with a sweet sauce. 

All in all, it was okay and were actually planning to try their other meals esp the sandwiches.

We went to The Face shop after and had a mini shopping spree..
 which I will blog about later. :)


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  2. I need to learn to like Korean food better, I am always unimpressed. Lovely photos!

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  4. looks fantastic, great location!
    happy day <3

  5. mmm... i wanna eat!

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  6. Food looks so yummy!

  7. Looks and sounds great! xx

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  9. mm the food looks very delicious! Such a yummy post! :)

  10. The food looks delicious! <3
    Love korean food :)

  11. Thanks for checking out my blog! that looks so good, and that thing to get the waiter/waitress' attention is such a good idea! xx


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