Chelsea Market and Cafe (Serendra Piazza)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just wanted to re-post this since I've been badly craving to eat at Chelsea again. It's been awhile since I last visited serendra or even the fort. It's such a shame that I've been crazy busy lately because of the school and my beloved thesis! ugh.. I hate thesis! 

and I hate the fact that school has been eating up my time and that I don't even have any free time to catch up with the world. lol I am such a lonely person.. I know I am over reacting here.. well, I'm just so fed up really.

Anyways, here are some of the photos that I've surprisingly kept through the years. haha I posted these at my old blog but I just thought about re-posting these photos again for this blog. I love love the food at Chelsea and most especially the interior. I've seen the Chelsea's Branch at Podium but I never had the chance to visit... hopefully, soon. 

Chelsea's lovely interior.
They actually sell local and foreign condiments/ingredients.

The complimentary bread with roasted garlic bulb, and balsamic vinegar dip!

molten cheese risotto balls (Php295) I personally love this! I think that the crispy or crunchy exterior just compliments the super soft risotto filled inside of these balls.

my iced tea and lime mint soda (Php120/each)

Southern Style Cornflakes (Php550) with potato wedges and some greens plus gravy.

I can't remember the taste of this chicken but I think it was bland.. and didn't like it. Although I like that it came with potato wedges. Yup anything with potatoes would sound really good for me! :))

Ugh, this post just made me really hungry! There's this new korean resto at the fort strip though that I really really wanted to try. It's called the Kpub BBQ restaurant meat all you can! my sister ate there last night and she said it was yummy especially the kimchi rice which sounds really good right now by the way! but yeah.. I would love to try that soon with my friends of maybe when boyfie gets back. I can't wait! I love food!!!x

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