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Monday, August 5, 2013

While we were on our way to the TOPS (an overlooking place) we stopped by at this very classy cafe called Dolce. One of the finest and favorite dessert places in Cebu. Located at Nivel Hills Lahug before going to the Marco polo hotel. We just actually wanted to try whether they really have good cakes.
Dolce is an Italian word which means gently and sweetly.

I like the upscale modern design/architecture of the cafe and how it gives the feeling of an art exhibit theme.  It's so spacious and all white. I didn't get to take photos of the outside lounge of the cafe but it was really pretty and over-looking.. I think they also have a milk tea station outside and all other idk and all were owned by one family.

here's an overview of Dolce! nice isn't it?
 I personally like this kinda like lounging area where they put magazines and imported goods.
 The cake counter though looks a bit too small for me.
 ofcourse, they have TEAS! :)
 The cakes.. we decided to go for the red velvet! 
The red velvet was so good! although it was a bit dry.. but I like that the frosting was cream cheese.. Actually whenever I would go and try for a new dessert place I would always opt for the red velvet.. in that way I can compare whether they have better cupcakes or not. I don't know it's kinda weird, I know. All in all it was a great experience! looking forward to visit again and try some of the cakes when I fly back to Cebu! hopefully this year when boyfie comes home. :)

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