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Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello beauties!! Atlast, I can finally blog about my skincare routine.. this has been on my draft list for like a month now and since I'm almost over with these bottles I think it's about time for me to do some reviews. Lately, I've been obsessed with different new products that I actually want to try them all. But then I still have some products left that I need to finish so I am saving those products for laters, baby! lol 

So expect another blog about my updated skincare soon.  First thing that you should know first and foremost before you buy anything else for your skin.. is that you must must know first what your skin type is like. It might be from normal to dry skin or from normal to oily skin, or maybe just plain oily skin, super acne prone skin or hyperpigmentation/blemishes prone kind of skin, or combination types etc. There are tons of skin type and mine is just normal to slight sensitive/oily skin-- what a classic combo!

my skincare products:

Ofcourse, for my facial wash.. I use Avene cleanance gel at the moment. I am actually running out of this one (as seen here) so now I'm looking for a new facial wash to try.. I do have some on my mind but I'm still searching for more. Or else, I might have to buy a new bottle of this. Hence, this facial wash is really good for my skin, and it didn't break me out or anything.. but the price is a little too steep for me.

I use this facial cleansing brush with my avene especially when I feel like my skin needs to breathe or to exfoliate. I basically use this just once everyday, preferably when I came home from school.. or when I'm too lazy to go through other skincare routine like removing my make-up and stuff. This facial brush works wonders and its a really good alternative for the clarisonic, it removes dirt and some other pore-clogging debris and buff away the dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and squeaky clean. Plus it's super affordable!
It's really important that we buff away the dead skin cells and exfoliate our face once in awhile because as we all know those dead skincells are preventing the newer ones to grow. FYI: "An average adult can shed up to 50,000 dead skin cells every minute." Icky! imagine those dead skin cells all over your face clogging up your pores and giving you break outs! it's crazy.. that's why it's important that we exfoliate our skin on a regular basis to shed off those stubborn dead skin cells.  

But then we should also know that too much exfoliating can lead to broken capillaries, excessive dryness and  irritation especially if you have a sensitive skin.. There's a fine line between exfoliating your skin and damaging your skin so I suggest exfoliate your skin atleast twice a week at most. or once if you have a really sensitive skin... but this facial brush though can be use everyday for those who have normal skins. I would also suggest that if you want to use a facial cleansing brush, try using it atleast once every other day and avoid brushing your eye area because it's far too sensitive and doesn't need exfoliation.

 Honestly, for the first two weeks of using this facial brush I had breakouts, or mini zits from time to time which is normal according to dermatologist Jason Emer, "At the beginning, your skin might flare, probably within the first two weeks," he said. "The dead skin cells that are being sloughed off plug up your pores. But as your skin gets used to it, your pores become more open and there will be fewer dead skin cells to exfoliate, so you'll be less likely to have breakouts." and true enough after those breakouts, my skin has never felt this good and cleared up. I can honestly say that this helped my skin a lot.. But before I use this facial brush on my face I always make sure to pour some hot water over it first just to kill all the germs.

and then I would use this little facial sponge to dry up my face. I don't use flannels or wash cloth as it tends to scratch my skin. You can buy this from the Etude house.. I disinfect this and change atleast once a month.

This facial sponge can be use as a cleansing sponge as it is.. it's actually called the cleansing puff, but I prefer to use it just to dry my face. It's really really soft and I believe it can't harm your skin! I love this so much.

ofcourse after cleansing, here comes the TONER. I use this Kiehl's toner called the Rare Earth pore refining toner.  I blogged about this here and it's honestly one of the best I've tried so far. It's a dual phase toner formulated with oil-absorbing Amazonian white clay to refine pores and control shine. It might be a little too drying that's why it's important to put a moiturizer after.
I use this cotton for my toner.. it's important to get a thin cotton pad so it doesn't absorb to much product. The thinner the better! keep that in mind.
But sometimes I only use my hands and pat it all over my face because it feels so good! and I feel like by doing so, my face absorbs the product more plus I get to massage my face a bit.

"Moisturizing Essence containing the extract from Korean snail slime(80%) with a great self-healing ability and botanical stem cell ingredient, Phyto-Callus Complex, help skin regeneration."

 I honestly don't do this a lot but serum is good for the face and I use this Tony moly serum with live snail essence at the moment because it's anti wrinkle and whitening plus skin repairing. It is a highly concentrated skin rejuvenating and nourishing serucontaining snail mucus filtrate that gives self repairing and strengthening power to the skin. It's good for treating some stubborn and dark acne spots. 

For my moisturizer I use this Shiseido white up emulsion.. I know emulsion is something you wear before the moisturizer but for some reason this can be a moisturizer/emulsion.. it has a thick consistency and I blogged about this here. This is also good to use if you have dark spots on your face. This prevents the problem of pigmentation and helps to clear up uneven and dull skin tone that caused by the sun exposure.

Eye cream.. I use this fresca restore me soothing eye gel II as my eye cream at the moment.. although I'm still looking for a good eye cream out there preferably an anti-wrinkle one. I love this eye gel though because it's really soothing for the eyes, and it has a cooling effect and has a fruity scent!

That's all about it for now! I know that my current skincare routine is very basic and I honestly can't wait to try other products out there and find out which really suits my skin really well.. 

care to share/suggest other products out there that I should try? x


  1. You have beautiful skin! I love the cotton pads too, they're so cute :-) I always use an eye cream, they help so much! Also, I'd just like to say thank you so much for adding my button to your blog!

    Jamie ♥

    1. aww thank you!! :)
      I really love your blog. Thanks for stopping by! x

  2. Great tips! x

  3. nice products!

  4. Lovely skin rountine (: you have a really flawless skin and face! x

  5. Great routine :) The Avene cleanser looks lovely :)


  6. I love that Kiehl's toner, it's great at controlling oil production! x

  7. Great skin care routine, these products seem amazing!

    1. yeah.. but I can't wait to try other products! :)

  8. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
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  9. your face looks so flawless and smooth, thank you for sharing about ur skincare routine!♡

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  10. GREAT Inspiration!!!


  11. Great skin care routine! Those cotton pads are so cute! :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  12. I have combination to oily skin too, so these products could be useful for me! The clearance gel looks pretty good. :)

  13. Great!:) nice post!
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  14. I really want to try a face brush! x

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  15. Looks like you are using great products, so cool to know your daily routine! :)

  16. I've never tried Kiehls but always wanted to. Think I need to! Thanks for sharing! Looks like a great routine! xo

  17. I love the Kiehl's rare earth pore refining toner as well! Just discovered your blog and I'm liking it!

    Armed With Style

  18. Kiehls has been a brand that I've wanted to try for quite a while :)
    Thank you ever so much for including my blog button on your sidebar, such a nice thing to do :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  19. I love the snail line by tony moly <3


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