Banapple (my ultimate comfort food)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I just want to share with y'all this cute little restaurant that I really really love. I haven't really blogged about Banapple because I dine here a lot but I saw these photos on my album so I thought I should finally blog about this amazing resto. If you've been following me on instagram, you might have noticed my posts about banapple all the time. haha Banapple is a place where I could eat like crazy and never regret anything. They serve really good food that is also good for sharing! and I honestly think that I probably tasted every meal in their menus.. that's how crazy I am with this resto. (my boyfriend also loves banapple) Such a shame I don't go on a diet.  Yup especially if were talking about Banapple! haha I just can't help it.
These photos were taken probably last month.. I ate here with Nico and Pauline. And that reminds me I shall visit again soon because well... it's been awhile I guess. Anyways...
Banapple's interior is quite homey and I love the fact that they painted the walls with lively colors.. it makes people happy while dining. Or maybe it's just me. :))
Baked creamy penne (Php200)  "A well-loved dish of luscious white cheese sauce and meaty tomato sauce, with al dente penne pasta and sauteed Hungarian sausage, served with pesto bread."
Savory Tuna Pie (Php150) - served with chunky potato salad.  Like oh my god.. this pie is amazing and this is my ultimate comfort food! just writing about this pie makes my mouth water. So so good!
yum yum potato salad!

Lasagna Roll-ups (Php195) - "Herbed cream and parmesan cheeses fill al dente lasagna wide strips, are rolled up, and smothered with our classic tomato meat sauce and and mozerella cheese." Also my ultimate favorite.. probably one of the best lasagna I have ever tasted! superb!
Migs Gallabergher (Php180) - "Juicy and herby all-beef patty on mixed greens, topped with our special garlic - sour cream - barbecue sauce and lots of sliced onions and blanketed by melted cheese and gooey mozzarella."

I definitely wanna visit at banapple again because I am srsly craving to eat here soon!

Banapple Pies and Cheesecake 
206 and 225 Katipunan Ave, Blue Ridge Quezon City,
Metro Manila (02)4382675/4392675


  1. ooh everything look sooooo delicious!! haha your making me hungry now :P

  2. The food looks sooooo delicious :D

  3. OMG" This looks delicious :D
    Im now starving !!!



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