DIY: Green Tea Ice cubes (toner)

Monday, September 23, 2013

What's up girlies? Today I just want to share with you guys this very effective toner that I currently been obsessed with! Since I just ran out of my Kiehls toner, I did my own home made toner that not only is effective in tightening your pores but also very affordable! We all know that Ice facials are very popular in Asia.. In fact, I've seen BeautyQQ having her own Ice facial after her laser acne treatment and michellephan also did her own!  Now, when I was in high school, I used to run ice cubes all over my face just for fun and just to give myself a bit of a cold facial, but then I realize that I haven't done this in a while so last week I decided to make my own Green Tea Ice cubes with my holy grail product--- Jason Vitamin E oil. :)

Toner is actually made just to tighten the pores.. so why spend money if you can make your own right?

So here's what you need:
 *Green tea
* Plastic wrap
* Ice cube tray
* Toothpick (optional)
*Vitamin E oil (optional)

First: Brew your green tea! the stronger the better. and then add a few drops of Vitamin E oil.

Next step: mix well and then pour your green tea into the tray!

Third step: Place the plastic wrap to cover the green tea and then stick the toothpick, this is the trickiest part because it's hard to make the toothpick stand.. So what you wanna do is to refrigerate it first for like 30 mins and then stick the toothpick. Or since this is just an optional step, you can just leave it on the fridge as it is without the toothpick and the plastic wrap.

Here's what it should look like.. :)

You can use this Green tea toner atleast once or twice everyday.. I prefer using this after washing my face in the morning and then before bed. I massage this on my face in small circles as I go..

 This is really good for de-puffing the face, and constricting large pores plus it brightens the skin and reducing dark under eye circles. Hope you find this helpful beauties and tell me if you've tried this before! :)


  1. wow awesome idea, thanks for sharing! I will definitely be trying this!

  2. that would be nice...because tea is very good for the skin :D
    you are so pretty!

    let me know if we can follow each other :D

  3. This looks really fun! Gotta give it a go this weekend!

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

  4. How cool is this please? I must immediately try this great tip, thanks a lot <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. This is so cool! I really should try this!

  6. That is such a cool and fun DIY! I am definitely going to try it out! Thank you very much for sharing this fun DIY! :)

  7. amazing post!!!

  8. Cool DIY! I'm gonna try it :)

    xo Mel

  9. Really nice!!!

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  10. this looks cool! :) wonder how it tastes like lol

  11. Toner is made to balance the PH of skin. Smaller appearance of pores is just an added temporary benefit.

  12. Toner is made to balance the PH of skin. Smaller appearance of pores is just an added temporary benefit.


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