Heatless mermaid curls tutorial - My School Hair Routine! :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I've been getting a lot of questions lately about how I do my mermaid curls that I'm wearing a lot in school these days. And today, I thought about finally sharing it with you guys.. 

First thing that you should know about me is that-- I am naturally curly. I was born with curly hair but I would always have it rebonded or relaxed because I find it easier for me to wear my hair effortlessly in school if it was straightened. We all know that it's much harder to style a curly hair rather than the straight one. But this year, I decided to just embrace my curls. It's all about loving your own, and going au naturel.

First off, gather up your different hair products and then take a shower. You kinda want to do this at night.. because this heatless curling routine is an overnight process. 
After taking a shower, comb your hair using your hand and squeeze out the excess water by using a towel.

I would always like to kind of start this process by using hair treatments..
First thing I wanna apply on my hair is this hair tonic by Schwarzkopf. I put a little of this all over my scalp because I am kind of OC about dandruff. This is kind of a bit pricey.. but it works wonders and I love the smell.

Then I would follow up with this another treatment from L'oreal and it's called the thermo repair. This smells amazing and the smell could last up to 3 washes I think. This makes my hair really soft and girly.

I would just massage my hair a bit while it's wet and then I do the braiding.
Yup braid your hair while it's wet, this way the curls will last longer. Then tie until the very ends with an elastic.

Then I would let it dry somehow via fan and then go to sleep... :)

Wear a hair cap to protect your hair from getting wet and then take a shower.

After putting my make-up on.. I would undo my braids carefully.

Then it's time to put on some Sunflower beauty oil to make my hair manageable and soft. I'm using this one from Human Nature..

and just to kind of like keep or lock my curls in place,
I use this curly elastic mousse and apply a bit on my hair while crunching and twisting it.

and for some final touches..

I would use this crystal gloss spray from L'oreal just to make my hair shine all day.


You got yourself a perfect mermaid curls! :)

Check out this video that I posted on my instagram.
To get the gist of how I do my hair.

Care to share some of your heatless curling routines? I would like to know! x


  1. Gorgeous! Your hair is beautiful! I can't wait for my hair to grow out again so I can do this :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. you have a lovely blog <3 cool hairstyles!!
    kisses ♥

  3. This is gorgous and so clever! I'm deffinatley going to try this tonight after I wash my hair :) thank you


  4. Great pictures! xx


  5. Great post ;)


  6. hello! you look so cute in the two side braids! :)

    xoxo, Joei
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  7. love the mermaid curls! would you like to follow each other? let me know! xo


  8. nice mermaid hair tutorial trina! i also have natural curly hair. im scheduled for a relax treatment on nov but im thinking of just working with my natural curls and i have no idea how to. can you tell me what the curling mousse does exactly? :) and does it have any drying effect? :)

  9. I love quick and easy tuorials and styles like this, this has been and old favourite of mine! I remember doing this in PRIMARY school haha! It's soo simple and easy yet so amazing!



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