Queen Helene: Mint Julep Masque Review! :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Today I will be reviewing one of the best face mask that I have ever tried! The Queen Helene mint julep masque. I bought this from the Healthy Options for Php 329 (?) I know it's a no secret to many of you the wonders of this face masque because Queen Helene Mint Julep is the most raved about facemask anywhere in the entire world.  It is the original natural home treatment developed by a dermatologist that helps dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores.

I personally use this to dry up or to combat any bumps or pimples from becoming bigger. This is also really good for those with oily skin because it can suck up the oil and mattify the skin! Although for those with dry skin I suggest using this for like once a week. And please always always avoid the eye area as it can really dry your under eye more which can lead to wrinkles.

This face mask has a very minty feel to it and smells like one, hence the name. It actually comes out as clay but once put on your face it gets harder and harder until you can't move your face anymore. It can also sting a bit especially if you have like an active acne on your face but it should go away after a few minutes. This mask is also good for removing the blackheads and shrinking the pores.. 

My Updated Skin Care Routine (Night Time) + Beauty tricks and tips! :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello beauties, I just want to share with all of you my updated skincare routine during night time. Not much has change but definitely I've been loving AVENE so much that I actually use the moisturizer now. Before I only use my shiseido white up emulsion as my moisturizer for night time and day time (as seen here) but now I'm growing to love Avene more so I use this one before bed time and then I also added an anti-wrinkle cream because ya' know.. don't wait to have them to treat them. So anyways....

Let's start with the cleansing.. I use Avene Soapless Gel Cleanser Php 1,235 all day err'day as you can see its actually dying on me already.. lol I badly needed to purchase a new facial wash seriously. I actually have quite a few in mind but in the mean time I wanna use what's left on this lovely cleanser. I love this so much that I have blogged about this quite a few times (as seen here and here). This cleanser is so gentle on the skin and it didn't break me out or anything.. This soap-free cleanser can eliminate impurities and excess sebum without stripping the skin. Infact, it's made out of 56% Avene thermal spring water and is definitely soap free.

 • PH 7.2 respects the skin’s natural balance, minimizing the trigger of excess sebum production 
• Deep cleansing action purifies without stripping the skin
• Avène Thermal Spring Water to soothe and soften skin
• Pleasant fragrance tolerated by sensitive skin  
 • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
• Soap-free

I personally find this to be super moisturizing and it's perfect for those with sensitive skin because it really works wonders and so gentle on the skin. Plus, although it might be a bit expensive, a little comes a long way.. so this should last you for a couple of months.. like 6 months at most. This is perfect for those who have oily skin and blemish prone type of skin although this is actually safe for any skin type out there, normal, oily, or combination. This is really great and it's sad that I have to say goodbye to this.. because as much as I want to keep repurchasing this, I also want to explore more cleansers out there specifically those with collagen or Vitamin C.

ANYWAYS, just a quick beauty trick! 
I bought a foaming net last month at SAIZEN store for only Php 88! It comes with 2 foaming nets, white and Pink! the reason behind is that.... I just converted into foaming. Yay go me! :)

 I've learned that even though cleansing is the most essential part of a good skincare routine, it is also the most harmful. The rubbing motion while we cleanse our face can actually stress our skin and eventually creates premature lines/wrinkles. Yikes!

How to foam up your cleanser:
1. Wet the foaming net
2. Put a wee bit of cleanser
3. Rub it until it creates foam
4. Then let the bubbles do its work

I actually uploaded a video on my instagram if you haven't seen it yet.
The reason behind foaming is for us to actually minimize the rubbing motion that can cause great stress on our skin by allowing the bubbles (that are even smaller than our pores) to deeply cleanse our face more efficiently and gently instead of allowing our fingers to do the rubbing. Foaming is very popular here in Asia, it's actually the secret of having a really good skin like the Japanese. And just so you know, foaming in a manual way or via using a foaming net is different from the normal foaming cleansers out there. You actually might want to avoid those because foaming cleansers can actually make you age up really fast because of it's harmful ingredients that creates the foam. Read more about the harmful foaming here.

So after cleaning my face I use Fresca restore me soothing eye gel Php 1,032. I blogged about this hydrating eye cream here if you wanna check it out. This has more of a runny cream consistency and it's really hydrating. I also use the grow eye cream trial sachet that I got from glossy box. I find both very helpful in hydrating my eye area. It's important to keep the under eye area really hydrated because there's no functioning oil gland underneath our eyes so make sure to keep it moisturized at all times to avoid wrinkles.

And ofcourse, I just added an anti-wrinkle cream.. I use OLAY age protect Php129 for prevention. Basically just to soften the lines. I don't use this entirely for my face as I find this heavy and really thick so I only use this at night on areas that are prone to wrinkles such as forehead, smile lines or frown lines, neck, and where the crow feet tends to appear. Prevention is always better than cure! so start now before it's too late.

Then as for my moisturizer.. I'm currently using this Avene Cleanance K cream-gel Php1070 as my night time moisturizer because I feel like during the night time, I needed something that could actually help repair my skin for the better, something like an intense skin repair type of thing (?)... as I have mentioned before I have some sort of hormonal imbalance and I was using pills to combat any possible acne I may have but since I stopped pills because I was gaining a lot of weight I actually needed good products to keep things in place, and I think Avene really does its job in preventing my skin to breakout. At the same time because this thing can actually control oil I find this very hydrating though. It's kind of a thick type of cream/gel consistency but it absorbs instantly. And what I do is I get a bit of it and then warm it on my fingers (just to activate the ingredients) and then pat it all over my face and then I gently slap my face or tap it with my fingers to promote blood circulation. It may sting a bit especially if you have breakouts but it should go away after a few minutes.

Then last but definitely not the least... Just another beauty trick!
I use petroleum jelly/vaseline for my lashes and lips. :)
I'm actually planning to have a separate blog about this petroleum jelly soon with pictures and stuff because I want to share with you guys how it did an amazing job of lengthening my lashes. It works like magic! I put this on my lashes and massage it a bit every night before I go to bed and I swear it really helps my lashes to grow. I actually skipped the mascara in the morning and use this instead. Try it yourself! It is also very hydrating for the lips and it's actually one of my staple beauty regimen eversince. I love petroleum jelly and I definitely can't live without it.

Go bat your lashes! :))


also.. I might have a new blog about another updated skincare routine soon.. because I might buy some new stuff like a new toner and a facial wash.. and besides, I might have a lot of free time now to blog since it's already sem break! yay go me. x

Pamper time! :)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello, it's been a long time (I think? lol) since I posted about my me time a.k.a pamper time! Well, lately I've been really busy for finals but I never forget to pamper myself ofcourse. Today, I'm just going to review about this amazing KAO bath tablet from JAPAN. It's basically a carbonated bath tablet.

This has been on our bathroom for quite sometime now.. and so I thought I should give it a try. It doesn't foam though I just put a wee bit of my foaming gel because I love bubbles.
Basically, they said that carbonated bath tablets are actually good for the skin because it promotes blood circulation, and claims that it gives a better performance of tired relief and shoulder tiredness than the standard bath salts. This is more of like the bath bombs from lush but this one is actually cheaper I think. I personally love this one because it smells amazing (rose garden) and gives a really nice pink color on my bath. It comes in a different assorted aroma by the way.. mine is rose garden and but there are few more out there like the exotic spa, slow forest, and oriental spa. I love this so much that I only have one tablet left! hehe Good thing, I know how to make my own bath bombs.. which I will share with you guys soon. :)

Anyways, trying to finish this book called "Bought" by Anna David.
"Anna David turns her reporter’s eye for detail toward Tinseltown’s seedy underbelly yet again, pulling off what The New York Post calls her ability to “eloquently and humorously unveil what could be a new subgenre: Chick Lit With a Message.” Tired of gathering banal quotes from the B-list on the sidelines of the red carpet, Emma Swanson publicly yearns for a more substantial career but privately dreams of a hotshot boyfriend to transport her into the beating heart of the Hollywood scene. Instead, she meets Jessica — beautiful, cavalier, manipulative — who shamelessly trades sex for the gifts it can bring. Convinced that writing a story about Jessica and her ilk would seriously boost her journalistic cred, Emma soon finds herself sucked into a world where the temptations of prettied-up prostitution may outweigh the costs."

Have a great week ahead ladies! :)  x

Blue room (acapella cover by me)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

This is for my love.. because I miss him so much! x
Tu me manques, mon chéri. A bientôt!

We'll have a blue room
A new room for two room
Where ev'ry day's a holiday
Because you're married to me.

Not like a ballroom
A small room, A hall room
Where I can smoke my pipe away
With your wee head upon my knee.

We will thrive on, keep alive on
Just nothing but kisses
With Mister and Missus
On little blue chairs.

You sew your trousseau
And Robinson Crusoe
Is not so far from worldly cares
As our blue room far away upstairs!

Sappe Collagen Drink! :)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

As I have mentioned on my instagram account, I have a new obsession... and that is this collagen drink from Sappe! The same maker behind the yummy "mogu-mogu" nata de coco drink. The pink bottle definitely did catch my attention while I was buying load at the mini stop last week. There was this huge thingy that says BEAUTIFUL SKIN, and me being a super beauty fanatic I can't help but buy this stuff.. hence, it says that it has 1,000 mg of collagen. Now, as we grow older and hit 20's the collagen in our body somehow plunges downwards.. therefore we need a supply of collagen in order for us to delay the signs of aging.

It says that 3,000 mg is the daily intake of collagen needed in our body.. however, this one has only 1,000 mg for Php35/bottle which is not bad! but in order to get this 3,000 mg, we need to drink atleast three bottles of this, so that's like spending Php105 a day for three bottles. I am actually planning to buy the Meiji collagen powder drink online. But in the meantime, I'm gunna stick with this and see for some results. 

Anyway though, this taste so good especially when it's cold! Its an apple flavor and it also comes in three different bottles, they have a fiber drink that has 8,000 mg of fiber and the L-glutathione drink that has 100 mg of gluta if you wanna get whiter skin. I am certainly obsessed with this drink and I bring this to school everyday.. It's so much better than taking beauty pills.. don't you think? I actually want to try some of their new bottles like the Q10 and berry bright.. oh my gahd! I wish I could get my hands on those two. But so far I don't think they're available here in the Philippines. But anyhoo, I'm happy with the collagen drink!

The benefits of drinking this collagen drink
moisture skin 
smooth skin 
tighten hair follicle
 prevent osteoporosis 
alleviate shrinkage
maintain skin elasticity

You can buy this at any mini-stop or 7-eleven for only Php35.00 :)
Visit the their facebook page for more info! x

Review: 2 in 1 Chocolate and Milk mask by AVON! :)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's up beauties? Today, I just want to share with you all this new 2 in 1 mask from AVON. If you've been following me here on my blog for awhile or in my instagram then you would know exactly my addiction about masks and facial packs. However, this is probably my first time to try an AVON product... 
 Chocolate and milk sounds like a good combination to eat.. wait.. it's actually for the skin! :)

Yes! Chocolate... (there are tons of chocolate masks out there that most people can swear by) not only it tastes so good but its also very rich in antioxidants and helps prevent the signs of ageing. It moisturizes the skin and protects it from sun damage and also tightens the skin by maintaining the collagen production. 

While the milk, soothes and nourishes the skin, helps with redness, and prevents irritated skin. Which makes sense by the way.. because this chocolate mask is supposed to exfoliate the skin first which I did in these photos below, and then followed by the milk mask.
I look so TAN!! hehe

I tried exfoliating my face using this chocolate mask by massaging those tiny beads all over my face in a circular motion.. it was so gentle on the skin plus the mask really smells so good!! It smells like chocolate with coconut and caramel.. what a yummy combo! I was dying to taste it! lol

and then followed by the milk leave-on mask. The milk mask felt very soft on my skin.. like oh my gahd.. I am not even kidding.. it's like a skin softener and to be honest, I think it made my skin a bit brighter and glowy as promised by avon. I like it.. and I highly recommend this to anyone who has a very sensitive skin because I think this mask is very gentle plus so affordable!  You can buy this for only Php149 because this is on sale now. :) You can actually wash it away if you don't like to leave the milk mask on your face for overnight, which I did.. but it's not because it felt greasy or whatnot but because I have my own skin care routine that I want to follow. But definitely, this 2 in 1 mask is definitely on my must have's for the month of October. Try it! x

I will try to review all of my masks every week if I can..
But right now, I am just too clouded with so many school work productions.
but make sure to visit my blog regularly though just in case. :)

and ofcourse if you have any questions: http://ask.fm/TrinaSwanepoel

Review: The Faceshop Pure Water Facial Mist "Jeju Marine" :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finally! I've been wanting to blog about this facial mist but I always forget... so before I could finally finish this bottle, I need to review this first! Well, this facial mist is a spray-type toner that helps keep the skin refreshed and moisturized.. this facial mist is made from Jeju Island's pure Samdasu water with some flower extract and orange extract that claims to revitalize the skin and improves circulation.. 

Now, let's tackle about the circulation thing... I do facial massages every single day because it helps improve blood circulation on my face, having a good blood circulation is really good for the skin because it delivers oxygen supply to your face leaving your skin refreshed, moisturized and younger looking. Now, this facial mist claims to improve it.. and when I heard of it, I was like oh my givenchy! I need to get this.

I like this mist so much especially the scent! I LOVE IT! It smells so good.. it's so subtle and mild like an ocean breeze. It's so refreshing! I use this to set my makeup or even after I wash my face every morning and night..  it's so moisturizing and it helps keep my pores close which is really good! I highly recommend this if you want something to freshen up your face after a long day or you just want to moisturize your face in the morning. I spray this evenly on my face and pat it lightly on my skin for full absorption. You can buy this at any Faceshop store for only Php 250! Trust me, it's a steal. :)

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