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Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello, it's been a long time (I think? lol) since I posted about my me time a.k.a pamper time! Well, lately I've been really busy for finals but I never forget to pamper myself ofcourse. Today, I'm just going to review about this amazing KAO bath tablet from JAPAN. It's basically a carbonated bath tablet.

This has been on our bathroom for quite sometime now.. and so I thought I should give it a try. It doesn't foam though I just put a wee bit of my foaming gel because I love bubbles.
Basically, they said that carbonated bath tablets are actually good for the skin because it promotes blood circulation, and claims that it gives a better performance of tired relief and shoulder tiredness than the standard bath salts. This is more of like the bath bombs from lush but this one is actually cheaper I think. I personally love this one because it smells amazing (rose garden) and gives a really nice pink color on my bath. It comes in a different assorted aroma by the way.. mine is rose garden and but there are few more out there like the exotic spa, slow forest, and oriental spa. I love this so much that I only have one tablet left! hehe Good thing, I know how to make my own bath bombs.. which I will share with you guys soon. :)

Anyways, trying to finish this book called "Bought" by Anna David.
"Anna David turns her reporter’s eye for detail toward Tinseltown’s seedy underbelly yet again, pulling off what The New York Post calls her ability to “eloquently and humorously unveil what could be a new subgenre: Chick Lit With a Message.” Tired of gathering banal quotes from the B-list on the sidelines of the red carpet, Emma Swanson publicly yearns for a more substantial career but privately dreams of a hotshot boyfriend to transport her into the beating heart of the Hollywood scene. Instead, she meets Jessica — beautiful, cavalier, manipulative — who shamelessly trades sex for the gifts it can bring. Convinced that writing a story about Jessica and her ilk would seriously boost her journalistic cred, Emma soon finds herself sucked into a world where the temptations of prettied-up prostitution may outweigh the costs."

Have a great week ahead ladies! :)  x


  1. These remind me of Lush Bath bombs! fizzy bath products are the best! Great review!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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