Easy Recipes: Oatmeal Cookies with Raisins for Holidays! :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hello beautifuls, today I'll be sharing you guys this really easy and wonderful recipes for Oatmeal cookies. 
Easy peasy and budget friendly.. You can make this anytime especially for holidays.

2 cups oatmeal
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup granulated sugar
1 1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 egg
1 stick of butter

(Pre-heat the oven for 15 to 30 mins --350 degree)
First: mix all the dry ingredients first.

Second: followed by the softened butter and 1 egg. It should form a nice dough.

Third: Scoop it out and line them like this on ungreased cookie sheet.

Fourth: Flatten them like this and add a bit of sugar on top if you like.

*BAKE them in the oven for a good 9 to 10 mins. They won't darken up much and infact they would look a bit pale but I promise you they will be so good! you'll thank me for this.

ENJOY this EASY recipe!! tell me guys if you have tried this! :)


November and December Favorites! ♥

Hello guys.. I know I know it's kind of late or too early.. but whatever! This would be my very first monthly favorites post! and I'll be doing this every month from now on! yay go me! anyways, I was busy so I'll just make this quick as possible because I have so many blog entries to finish today. whew! There are literally few things that I just can't live without anymore.. and here are some of them.

First, this SWEET PEA lotion from bath & body works! I know this is like so last season but whatever I am so loving this one.. I got this as a gift during our EE christmas party. I used to sell this and I usually ignore Sweet Pea to be honest because I think it's kinda like an old collection from Bath & Body works.. but for some reason I've been loving this. It's not at all sticky and it smells so good and makes my skin really smooth and soft!

my current perfume which is also a gift from my Uncle.. it's called the mystic angel. It's so christmasy and I like the smell of it. It's not too over powering!
Now this one, I've been honestly wearing false lashes almost everytime I go out and I've been loving this one. It's actually from my sister! I just stole it from her. lol It's super natural looking and I just love this.
Liptint from YADAH.. Yadah is one of the newest skincare line available at the Beauty Bar. It's a Korean brand and targets teenagers to early 20's I believe. I love this liptint so much.. and the good thing about Yadah is that they use natural ingredients and it's all free from Paraben, mineral oil, ethanol, triethanolamine, and propylene glycol. This liptint is actually made out of natural tomato extracts. I love this so much and it looks so natural on my lips. Although the lasting effect doesn't last very long and you need to re-apply every now and then.. but a little comes a long way so this one would prolly last me a bit longer. Bought this for only Php250. It's available in tomato and red wine tint! :)

Another YADAH product. This one is their only facemask.. it's the brightening face mask. I cannot contain my excitement and happiness when I first tried this mask.. I'll have a separate review on this one. This makes my face really clear and bright for like 3 days after application! this is superb!! bought this for only Php195 for 3 sheet masks inside.
ALL HAIL to this really amazing blotting papers that I bought from FOREVER21!!! like omg. I really don't know how I could possibly live without this?? It smells so good and it has a TEA TREE oil which I find very awesome. Plus it comes in color PINK! very chic.. I will keep buying this hence it's only Php65!
As for candles.. I've been loving this 3 scented macaron candles that I bought. The throw isn't that powerful but they're cute and little pastel macarons.. what is not there to love?

and last but not the least, I've been loving this S'mores chocolate drink with mallows!
I'll have a separate post about this one.. I'll teach you guys how to do this!! super yummy. :)

love & blessing x

Nature Republic: Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream (Review)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

 Hello beautifuls, sorry for my lack of posts! I've been busy with work (events) and school stuff. But anyways I'm back and finally I have a new cleansing cream called Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream. As you all know I used to have this Etude Lemon Tea Cleansing cream and I just ran out of it last week, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with that one so I decided to buy a new one. I bought this for only Php195 at Nature Republic so it's kind of a bit cheaper than my last one. But anyways..

I like the packaging so much! It's a very neat looking screw top tub type of packaging that houses 150ml of product inside. The only downside would probably be the fact that it contains PARABENS (oh noes!) but yknow I was like okay let me just try this one but after this I'm done and I probably won't repurchase anymore because of the paraben ingredients.

The inside look.. I like that it has this thingy ma jiggy kind of lid that protects the product from spilling right after you open it. The little spatula is mine btw, I bought it separately (at beabi) for hygienic purposes.. Let's just say I am not really crazy about dipping my fingers inside the tube.
The consistency of the cream is kinda thick and yet a bit runny.. Not like runny like lotion type but it's more of like a mayonnaise (?) but a bit more thick and heavy but can pretty much emulsify with water easily.
The smell though is kind of gorgeous. It has a very mild scent of lavender which I like.. Although I don't really appreciate the fact that the cream itself has a bit of a purple hint color. I like my products really simple with zero to no artificial coloring at all. I prefer it with just plain white.. But nonetheless I find it pretty cute. 

My verdict:
I can say though that for the price.. Yeah it does an amazing job as it breaks down my make up pretty easily when I spread it on my face and massage it a bit.. Although I don't really wear heavy type of make-up and in fact I only wear my tinted moisturizer from NARS everyday and my maybelline foundation, a bit of blush on for my cheeks and my lip tint, and ofcourse mascara. I tried if it can dissolve my waterproof mascara but oh well I had a hard time and it burns my eyes just like my old one from the Etude House. Although after using a cotton pad I can pretty much say that it's pretty decent in removing all the traces of make up and dirt.. and I would srsly prefer this more than the Etude's lemon tea cleasing cream. It is also quite hydrating and can leave residues/oily film on your face if you don't wash your face with a facial wash after. Although I would suggest that you do because  double cleansing can really make such a huge difference! All in all I am pretty satisfied. :)

I also bought a new face mask from TonyMoly called "Rice Mask Sheet clear skin" only because I can never have too many face masks. I always have to buy one! Hehe Will review this sheet mask soon. x

CORAZON Filipino-Hispano Cuisine at Shangri-la East Wing! ❤

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Last thursday I went out with my friends to celebrate Andi's 20th birthday! We had a dinner at Corazon, located at 4th level East Wing of Shangri-la mall. The east wing is the new extension towards the Shangri-la Hotel. Anyways, it's a filipino-spanish cuisine type of restaurant. It doesn't appeal to me that much at first to be honest. I was really hoping to eat at "Balboa" instead because... well I was never really like the type of person who enjoys filipino food when going out. Uhm don't get me wrong though I am a Filipino-spanish-chinese kind of girl and I love anything spanish and filipino food! I believe we have such really nice food here. But I mean I eat that all the time, like every single day so whenever I go out for a dinner I would always opt for something new like persian, euro style, italian, greek and all the like. But somehow, I was also very curious to try this Corazon restaurant because it got lots of raves online from different foodie lovers. So when Andi invited us to dine at Corazon I was like "okay... YOLO!". lol

Now, Corazon is actually also under the same group of superb restaurants like Elias, Crisostomo, Felix, etc. by Chef Florabel Co. So if you're fond of eating at those lovely restaurants I'm pretty sure you will also love it here! Just a trivia: The word 'corazon' is actually a spanish word which means heart/love. I think the name just speaks for itself! The food was really fantastic. Like it was soo damn good! You would love it!

We were seated outside because it was a bit crowded inside. The restaurant was jampacked with people you would be amaze! And we actually love to eat outside because it was more spacious and bright.

The ambience gave us a feeling as if we were in a barrio or fiestahan.. I didn't have much of a picture of the restaurant itself becase we were seated outside but it was indeed very homey and relaxing if I would say, and the staff were pretty accomodating and nice.

My two lovely friends and tea partners! Andi ( the birthday girl) and Pauline.

The menu

The food

We had adobo rice, fried chicken, tuna belly and sinigang plus suman latik for dessert! Yum... Very Filipino.

We ordered "Beef Sinigang" Php495 because we all wanted a soup. The sinigang was sooo yummy! It was so 'maasim' like the right kind of asimness (i invented the word.lol) that you're looking for a sinigang. Although the beef itself needs a few more time in the pressure cooker because we all had a hard time chewing that I ended up not eating it at all anymore. But I enjoyed the soup so much! Though honestly my mom can also cook the same yumminess of sinigang like that plus she cooks really soft beef meat. FYI: I am a sucker for sinigang! I love sinigang so much. 

"Trinidad" Php525 a.k.a grilled tuna belly (Php175/100g). The tuna belly was okay for me. Andi and Pauline liked it so much! But it was kind of a so-so for me although the serving was really good and big that we had leftovers. We ordered 300g btw!

"Adobo rice" Php275 we all enjoyed this one so much!! The rice itself was already a meal because it has thin strips of adobo meat and has 'kesong puti' on top. I love this so much that I think I had too many of this.. Although I was really hoping to try their paella because I am kind of obsessed with paella but they don't like it.. Oh welps can't help that I was born to love Paella! Can't blame the blood. Haha But nonetheless I was really happy with this adobo rice! 

"Cadiz" Php325 half. Now this one is more of like a max's chicken kind of taste/style. I love that it's crispy and though it didn't have this distinct taste of it's own I still enjoyed eating this nonetheless. 

Then ofcourse, no one is going home without a picture so there.. Picture muna before laffang! Hihi

"Suman latik" Php180 for 5 shot glasses of suman with batangas tsokolate! This was so yummy! Everyone should try this. Although I only had one because I was already full but it was so good. The chocolate was a bit warm and it has coconut sprinkles on top.

All in all I would say that we were pretty impressed and satisfied with our dining experience at Corazon. The food was great for its price and it's something I am actually looking forward to visit again with my chef boyfie -- King, prolly when he gets back. I'm pretty sure he would love the food here. :)

Shangri-la's TWG branch! Like omg this made me so happy!!
I love TWG which is probably a no secret anymore but yeah..
I love that it's nearer to my place. We might have a tea here before Christmas break! x

Etude House: Scrub Massage Bubble Review

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hello beauties! I have a new found beauty product to review from the Etude House that I love so much!! and it's called "Scrub Massage Bubble". It's actually a kind of exfoliating scrub that helps to take off dead skin cells and brighten up your skin too.. It comes with different varieties like rice and I forgot what else haha but I bought the pearl one! I got two of this for myself and for my friend Pauline to try.

Anyways, this is the newest by far from the Etude house so it might not be available in all other stores yet.. But I bought mine at SM north for only Php58 it comes with two sachets already that you can use for a week (use twice a week only).
The back with directions and ingredients.
I like that the packaging has this little thingy ma jiggy that allows you to tear it off easily. Good job people!
The SA told me to use the whole one packet for one wash but then when I opened it, it was kind of too many for a small face like mine... and so I stretched it to two uses for each sachet. Haha
The texture is kind of thick and more of like a cream gel type. You can't actually feel the exfoliating beads yet until you actually use it on your face.
I did exactly what it says in the direction. I applied it onto my face and massage it in a circular motion, and all the while I noticed that it was kind of foaming up a bit and fizzing hence the name "bubble" (duh? me talking to myself) now that makes perfect sense! Haha 

Anyways, I don't really find it harsh or scratchy at all eventhough it's supposed to exfoliate the face.. but I don't know.. I find it rather relaxing and gentle and I was not even half way of massaging my face I can already feel like it's already doing its job! I love it so much! Although the only cons would probably be the fact that I had a hard time rinsing it off because no matter how many times I splash it with water there will always be left residues! My friend Pauline also had the same problem. But all in all, we love this scrub so much! my face was so smooth and so soft and a bit brighter after I rinsed it off! I can actually see myself buying it again and again. Plus it's very affordable! Although the next time I decide to buy, I might try the other one, the 'rice' scrub. :)

Hello December! :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Whats up girlies? I am blogging through my cellphone.. How cool is that? Haha Anyways, it's officially DECEMBER!! Yay.. Can't wait for Christmas! It means more gifts and food for me! lol :p

Anyhow, I just want to say that this December I will try to blog as much as I can and review some of my facemasks! As you can see I am kind of addicted.. Yup it's kind of a problem. But yeah I love sheet masks and I will try to blog and share them with you guys because I love you all and I think you're beautiful. Happy christmas month! x

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