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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Last thursday I went out with my friends to celebrate Andi's 20th birthday! We had a dinner at Corazon, located at 4th level East Wing of Shangri-la mall. The east wing is the new extension towards the Shangri-la Hotel. Anyways, it's a filipino-spanish cuisine type of restaurant. It doesn't appeal to me that much at first to be honest. I was really hoping to eat at "Balboa" instead because... well I was never really like the type of person who enjoys filipino food when going out. Uhm don't get me wrong though I am a Filipino-spanish-chinese kind of girl and I love anything spanish and filipino food! I believe we have such really nice food here. But I mean I eat that all the time, like every single day so whenever I go out for a dinner I would always opt for something new like persian, euro style, italian, greek and all the like. But somehow, I was also very curious to try this Corazon restaurant because it got lots of raves online from different foodie lovers. So when Andi invited us to dine at Corazon I was like "okay... YOLO!". lol

Now, Corazon is actually also under the same group of superb restaurants like Elias, Crisostomo, Felix, etc. by Chef Florabel Co. So if you're fond of eating at those lovely restaurants I'm pretty sure you will also love it here! Just a trivia: The word 'corazon' is actually a spanish word which means heart/love. I think the name just speaks for itself! The food was really fantastic. Like it was soo damn good! You would love it!

We were seated outside because it was a bit crowded inside. The restaurant was jampacked with people you would be amaze! And we actually love to eat outside because it was more spacious and bright.

The ambience gave us a feeling as if we were in a barrio or fiestahan.. I didn't have much of a picture of the restaurant itself becase we were seated outside but it was indeed very homey and relaxing if I would say, and the staff were pretty accomodating and nice.

My two lovely friends and tea partners! Andi ( the birthday girl) and Pauline.

The menu

The food

We had adobo rice, fried chicken, tuna belly and sinigang plus suman latik for dessert! Yum... Very Filipino.

We ordered "Beef Sinigang" Php495 because we all wanted a soup. The sinigang was sooo yummy! It was so 'maasim' like the right kind of asimness (i invented the that you're looking for a sinigang. Although the beef itself needs a few more time in the pressure cooker because we all had a hard time chewing that I ended up not eating it at all anymore. But I enjoyed the soup so much! Though honestly my mom can also cook the same yumminess of sinigang like that plus she cooks really soft beef meat. FYI: I am a sucker for sinigang! I love sinigang so much. 

"Trinidad" Php525 a.k.a grilled tuna belly (Php175/100g). The tuna belly was okay for me. Andi and Pauline liked it so much! But it was kind of a so-so for me although the serving was really good and big that we had leftovers. We ordered 300g btw!

"Adobo rice" Php275 we all enjoyed this one so much!! The rice itself was already a meal because it has thin strips of adobo meat and has 'kesong puti' on top. I love this so much that I think I had too many of this.. Although I was really hoping to try their paella because I am kind of obsessed with paella but they don't like it.. Oh welps can't help that I was born to love Paella! Can't blame the blood. Haha But nonetheless I was really happy with this adobo rice! 

"Cadiz" Php325 half. Now this one is more of like a max's chicken kind of taste/style. I love that it's crispy and though it didn't have this distinct taste of it's own I still enjoyed eating this nonetheless. 

Then ofcourse, no one is going home without a picture so there.. Picture muna before laffang! Hihi

"Suman latik" Php180 for 5 shot glasses of suman with batangas tsokolate! This was so yummy! Everyone should try this. Although I only had one because I was already full but it was so good. The chocolate was a bit warm and it has coconut sprinkles on top.

All in all I would say that we were pretty impressed and satisfied with our dining experience at Corazon. The food was great for its price and it's something I am actually looking forward to visit again with my chef boyfie -- King, prolly when he gets back. I'm pretty sure he would love the food here. :)

Shangri-la's TWG branch! Like omg this made me so happy!!
I love TWG which is probably a no secret anymore but yeah..
I love that it's nearer to my place. We might have a tea here before Christmas break! x

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  1. Oh wow everything looks so delicious! And you seem to have had a fabulous time :]

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