Nature Republic: Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream (Review)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

 Hello beautifuls, sorry for my lack of posts! I've been busy with work (events) and school stuff. But anyways I'm back and finally I have a new cleansing cream called Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream. As you all know I used to have this Etude Lemon Tea Cleansing cream and I just ran out of it last week, I kinda have a love-hate relationship with that one so I decided to buy a new one. I bought this for only Php195 at Nature Republic so it's kind of a bit cheaper than my last one. But anyways..

I like the packaging so much! It's a very neat looking screw top tub type of packaging that houses 150ml of product inside. The only downside would probably be the fact that it contains PARABENS (oh noes!) but yknow I was like okay let me just try this one but after this I'm done and I probably won't repurchase anymore because of the paraben ingredients.

The inside look.. I like that it has this thingy ma jiggy kind of lid that protects the product from spilling right after you open it. The little spatula is mine btw, I bought it separately (at beabi) for hygienic purposes.. Let's just say I am not really crazy about dipping my fingers inside the tube.
The consistency of the cream is kinda thick and yet a bit runny.. Not like runny like lotion type but it's more of like a mayonnaise (?) but a bit more thick and heavy but can pretty much emulsify with water easily.
The smell though is kind of gorgeous. It has a very mild scent of lavender which I like.. Although I don't really appreciate the fact that the cream itself has a bit of a purple hint color. I like my products really simple with zero to no artificial coloring at all. I prefer it with just plain white.. But nonetheless I find it pretty cute. 

My verdict:
I can say though that for the price.. Yeah it does an amazing job as it breaks down my make up pretty easily when I spread it on my face and massage it a bit.. Although I don't really wear heavy type of make-up and in fact I only wear my tinted moisturizer from NARS everyday and my maybelline foundation, a bit of blush on for my cheeks and my lip tint, and ofcourse mascara. I tried if it can dissolve my waterproof mascara but oh well I had a hard time and it burns my eyes just like my old one from the Etude House. Although after using a cotton pad I can pretty much say that it's pretty decent in removing all the traces of make up and dirt.. and I would srsly prefer this more than the Etude's lemon tea cleasing cream. It is also quite hydrating and can leave residues/oily film on your face if you don't wash your face with a facial wash after. Although I would suggest that you do because  double cleansing can really make such a huge difference! All in all I am pretty satisfied. :)

I also bought a new face mask from TonyMoly called "Rice Mask Sheet clear skin" only because I can never have too many face masks. I always have to buy one! Hehe Will review this sheet mask soon. x


  1. great review! I don´t think if I can find it at my country.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Now I´m following you on bloglovin and G+ I don´t what happened with GFC :( I´m trying to keep in touch with everyone follow me on G+ or bloglovin! 

  2. I normally don't like using lotions from pots so I love how it comes with a little scooper :) very clever! great post :)

  3. Ooh this looks amazing, I'm definitely gonna have to give it a go

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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