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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hello guys.. I know I know it's kind of late or too early.. but whatever! This would be my very first monthly favorites post! and I'll be doing this every month from now on! yay go me! anyways, I was busy so I'll just make this quick as possible because I have so many blog entries to finish today. whew! There are literally few things that I just can't live without anymore.. and here are some of them.

First, this SWEET PEA lotion from bath & body works! I know this is like so last season but whatever I am so loving this one.. I got this as a gift during our EE christmas party. I used to sell this and I usually ignore Sweet Pea to be honest because I think it's kinda like an old collection from Bath & Body works.. but for some reason I've been loving this. It's not at all sticky and it smells so good and makes my skin really smooth and soft!

my current perfume which is also a gift from my Uncle.. it's called the mystic angel. It's so christmasy and I like the smell of it. It's not too over powering!
Now this one, I've been honestly wearing false lashes almost everytime I go out and I've been loving this one. It's actually from my sister! I just stole it from her. lol It's super natural looking and I just love this.
Liptint from YADAH.. Yadah is one of the newest skincare line available at the Beauty Bar. It's a Korean brand and targets teenagers to early 20's I believe. I love this liptint so much.. and the good thing about Yadah is that they use natural ingredients and it's all free from Paraben, mineral oil, ethanol, triethanolamine, and propylene glycol. This liptint is actually made out of natural tomato extracts. I love this so much and it looks so natural on my lips. Although the lasting effect doesn't last very long and you need to re-apply every now and then.. but a little comes a long way so this one would prolly last me a bit longer. Bought this for only Php250. It's available in tomato and red wine tint! :)

Another YADAH product. This one is their only facemask.. it's the brightening face mask. I cannot contain my excitement and happiness when I first tried this mask.. I'll have a separate review on this one. This makes my face really clear and bright for like 3 days after application! this is superb!! bought this for only Php195 for 3 sheet masks inside.
ALL HAIL to this really amazing blotting papers that I bought from FOREVER21!!! like omg. I really don't know how I could possibly live without this?? It smells so good and it has a TEA TREE oil which I find very awesome. Plus it comes in color PINK! very chic.. I will keep buying this hence it's only Php65!
As for candles.. I've been loving this 3 scented macaron candles that I bought. The throw isn't that powerful but they're cute and little pastel macarons.. what is not there to love?

and last but not the least, I've been loving this S'mores chocolate drink with mallows!
I'll have a separate post about this one.. I'll teach you guys how to do this!! super yummy. :)

love & blessing x

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  1. Hi! Where did you buy the YADAH Mask? :D I've been eyeing for that. hihi. <3


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