Natureby: Aloe Sheet Mask (Review)

Friday, January 24, 2014

If you've been following me on my Instagram or facebook then you would know exactly what this facemask is all about.. I am currently selling korean beauty products and I am very happy about it! I love how most of our items were pretty much sold out within that first week! Whew! Thanks for all the love guys. Anyways, today I will be reviewing one of the facemasks that we are currently selling on our instagram account (@thebeautylush) please do follow! 

Basically this Aloe mask is a firming moisturizing mask which can help prevent infection while it moisturizes dry skin. My skin was kind of a bit itchy and dull that night and I had this really active breakout on my cheek.. so amongst the 5 different kinds of facemasks that we have (Collagen, Cucumber, Red Ginseng, Green tea, and Aloe) I chose this one. 

When I opened the packet it has a lot of serum inside like oh my gosh! One of the most soaking wet that I have ever tried. I'm not really sure how much essence they have inside but it says 23g.. But I don't know! Do the math. lol

I took out the mask and these are the left serums inside the packet. You can use this to soak the mask again or use it anywhere else like your neck, legs, or face again. 

I swear I am the ugliest whenever I use a sheetmask.. But whatever its all worth it! :))
I like how it fits my face really well. Although it doesn't have too many cuts.. I still find it very comfortable.

But unlike any other masks which I always leave on my face for like 30mins or so.. I had to take this off after like 15-20 mins because it kind of made my face a bit numb? which I first thought it was probably because it's a firming mask so maybe that's the effect it gives (?) I don't know! but somehow I also think it was because of the coldness! Haha It was freezing cold inside my room and I actually put the mask in the fridge beforehand.. So yeah.. It was so cold and still so wet! so after I took it off.. I had to squish the mask to see how much serum left inside the mask. And oh my gosh you guys!! Look at this! 
So much serum! And I like it. :)

Here's my face after using the mask.. Super duper moisturized and firmed. Like I am not even kidding. I think the firming effect lasted me for like 3 days after using this mask! Everything I put on my face just glides on so easily.. I love this and I definitely and totally recommend this for you to try! 

We currently have a promo on our instagram account (@thebeautylush) you can buy 3 masks for only Php100!! Or you can buy one for Php40 each. ;)

2014 be good to me! :)

Hello 2014! I am so ready for you.

How was your christmas guys? And your New Years Eve? I spent mine just staying at home with my family.. I ate a lot! like a lot! I was like mmkayyy YOLO! haha 

But aside from being fat and gross.. I did get quite a few things though so I was very grateful for that. And here are some of them! :)
I got these two gorgeous watch right here from my (godmother) Ninang Elsa who lives in Canada. It's from the brand American Eagle and we agreed (me and my twin Tricia) to just switch every now and then because we couldn't really decide which one to choose because they are both so gorgeous! 

Here is another gift from my Ninang! these two gorgeous body mist are from Bath & Body works! Mine is the midnight pomegranate which smells so amazing! And my Twin got the cherry blossom one. So thank you thank you my Ninang we love you. :*

And ofcourse.. I got lots of chocolates from such a very good friend who just came back from France. Merci, Mcoy! I didn't expect it to be this much but I was very happy about it. Yay!

He also got my mom a cake! Aww.
Then he promised to give me another set of chocolates soon! Haha yay! I'm like a kid. lol

But anyways guys.. I think that it doesn'treally matter whether you got a lot of presents or not. What matters most is that you had a lot of fun with your family during the holidays and really get into the spirit of it by remembering Jesus and His goodness and just by being thankful for everything. I may have did a lot of regretful and crazy things this 2013.. But I am definetely still thankful for it and I am just so ready for the 2014!! :)

Love & blessings, beautifuls. x

EGF Hayan Facial Sheet Mask (Review)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello to whoever still reads this blog! lol Today, I will be reviewing one of the sheet masks that I've been trying recently.. I'm pretty sure that it's a no secret anymore that I am obsessed with sheet masks. I bought this Hayan Face mask when I visited SM Masinag for the first time because I was actually there to buy a gift for our EE christmas party last Dec 1. I think they were on a mad sale at that time.. So I only bought this for a very cheap price of Php19! I also bought their whitening facemask which I will try to review soon. I've been really meaning to try Hayan eversince I saw it during my OJT days in Ortigas. They have a pretty much set of good and superb affordable korean products so I was really curious to try some for me.

What it claims? 
- strengthens the skin.
- revitalizes skin
- lessens skin trouble
- delay the signs of aging

I love the simple packaging though.. Unlike my other face masks that has really really cute packaging that I cringe everytime I tear it apart. 

Here's how it looks.. It has a lot of essence or serum inside. It kept on dripping though so it's kind of annoying and messy to use. Because unlike other sheet masks I've tried, this one has a bit too watery serum and not sticky at all.

Then ofcourse it's time to open up those pores! It's important that you exfoliate first to get rid of the dead skin cells on your face, and then grab a hot (warm) towel and put it on your face for a good 1-3mins before using the sheet mask. In doing these steps, the face mask will be so much more effective and it'll be easier for the essence to penetrate your skin pretty well.

I love that the mask fits very well on my face. 
The mask has a lot of cuts as you can tell from the photo above which I think it really helped fit my face pretty well. Although the chin part was too short that I had to adjust it from time to time.

I also don't appreciate how thick the cotton was.. I like thin sheet masks. I think the thinner the better. Thinner masks has easier and faster absorption. I feel like when the cotton is too thick it's gunna absorb too much essence that is actually supposed to be absorbed by your skin instead.

The smell:
The mask smells like menthol and it has cooling effect so it was a bit relaxing although I was alarmed when I first smell the menthol, I thought it was gunna be too strong for my face. But I actually felt a bit relaxed and happy..

So much essence left from the foil package. You can use this for your neck, hand, or face again. 

My face after taking off the mask. 

My verdict:
I honestly love the sheet mask. I can't actually tell if it worked because I only tried it once but I think it was pretty okay. I like how it made my skin feeling super fresh after the mask.. I also like how it didn't leave my skin feeling sticky unlike other face masks I've tried. Although I honestly think they didn't use pretty heavy serums.. So I basically didn't feel like it was doing something for my skin (?) I feel like this is the kind of mask that you can pretty much use everyday. 

What do you think guys? Have you tried any masks from Hayan? Let me know! :)
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