2014 be good to me! :)

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello 2014! I am so ready for you.

How was your christmas guys? And your New Years Eve? I spent mine just staying at home with my family.. I ate a lot! like a lot! I was like mmkayyy YOLO! haha 

But aside from being fat and gross.. I did get quite a few things though so I was very grateful for that. And here are some of them! :)
I got these two gorgeous watch right here from my (godmother) Ninang Elsa who lives in Canada. It's from the brand American Eagle and we agreed (me and my twin Tricia) to just switch every now and then because we couldn't really decide which one to choose because they are both so gorgeous! 

Here is another gift from my Ninang! these two gorgeous body mist are from Bath & Body works! Mine is the midnight pomegranate which smells so amazing! And my Twin got the cherry blossom one. So thank you thank you my Ninang we love you. :*

And ofcourse.. I got lots of chocolates from such a very good friend who just came back from France. Merci, Mcoy! I didn't expect it to be this much but I was very happy about it. Yay!

He also got my mom a cake! Aww.
Then he promised to give me another set of chocolates soon! Haha yay! I'm like a kid. lol

But anyways guys.. I think that it doesn'treally matter whether you got a lot of presents or not. What matters most is that you had a lot of fun with your family during the holidays and really get into the spirit of it by remembering Jesus and His goodness and just by being thankful for everything. I may have did a lot of regretful and crazy things this 2013.. But I am definetely still thankful for it and I am just so ready for the 2014!! :)

Love & blessings, beautifuls. x

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