Natureby: Aloe Sheet Mask (Review)

Friday, January 24, 2014

If you've been following me on my Instagram or facebook then you would know exactly what this facemask is all about.. I am currently selling korean beauty products and I am very happy about it! I love how most of our items were pretty much sold out within that first week! Whew! Thanks for all the love guys. Anyways, today I will be reviewing one of the facemasks that we are currently selling on our instagram account (@thebeautylush) please do follow! 

Basically this Aloe mask is a firming moisturizing mask which can help prevent infection while it moisturizes dry skin. My skin was kind of a bit itchy and dull that night and I had this really active breakout on my cheek.. so amongst the 5 different kinds of facemasks that we have (Collagen, Cucumber, Red Ginseng, Green tea, and Aloe) I chose this one. 

When I opened the packet it has a lot of serum inside like oh my gosh! One of the most soaking wet that I have ever tried. I'm not really sure how much essence they have inside but it says 23g.. But I don't know! Do the math. lol

I took out the mask and these are the left serums inside the packet. You can use this to soak the mask again or use it anywhere else like your neck, legs, or face again. 

I swear I am the ugliest whenever I use a sheetmask.. But whatever its all worth it! :))
I like how it fits my face really well. Although it doesn't have too many cuts.. I still find it very comfortable.

But unlike any other masks which I always leave on my face for like 30mins or so.. I had to take this off after like 15-20 mins because it kind of made my face a bit numb? which I first thought it was probably because it's a firming mask so maybe that's the effect it gives (?) I don't know! but somehow I also think it was because of the coldness! Haha It was freezing cold inside my room and I actually put the mask in the fridge beforehand.. So yeah.. It was so cold and still so wet! so after I took it off.. I had to squish the mask to see how much serum left inside the mask. And oh my gosh you guys!! Look at this! 
So much serum! And I like it. :)

Here's my face after using the mask.. Super duper moisturized and firmed. Like I am not even kidding. I think the firming effect lasted me for like 3 days after using this mask! Everything I put on my face just glides on so easily.. I love this and I definitely and totally recommend this for you to try! 

We currently have a promo on our instagram account (@thebeautylush) you can buy 3 masks for only Php100!! Or you can buy one for Php40 each. ;)

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