Jewel Tone Vitamin C folacin Radiance Mask (Review)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shout out for the Jewel Tone Ph for giving me (and two of my friends) this Vitamin C  Folacin Radiance Cream Mask for free.. yay! You can get this though for Php250/sachet and Php1,500 for 5 sets of masks. Anyways, this is basically a skincare line that caters for pregnant ladies (lol) but can be use by the single ladies like us. It's just so safe to use for mothers to be so that's why it's kind of expensive too. I think that these Jewel Tone products can really help the skin and health of the expectant moms and also their babies because of it's high in folacin which is very very  important for the development of babies and then Vitamin C for whitening effects. I've tried this twice already and I can pretty much say that I kinda like it.

Here is the texture of the mask, as you can see the texture is quite like your normal cream.. but as you put this on your face in a circular motion, you'll notice some little bids that would act as an exfoliant for the skin.. nothing too abrasive though so don't worry.

and the smell... like oh my gosh!! this smells ahhhhmazing!!! I love how it kind of remind me of the peach fruit.. it's just so fruity! I actually think that Jewel Tone has this trademark scent because I've also tried their emulsion samples, I got two of them by the way (mwahaha) which I like very much!

As you can see, you can barely even see that there's any mask on my face.. which is good I guess because unlike any sheet masks, you won't look like a serial killer as you try to beautify yourself. haha

Then after 10-15 minutes I rinsed it off and here's my face!

At first try, I honestly didn't see any effect or whatsover and I actually kinda don't like it but after my second try I finally learn how to love it.. I don't like love it like a lot unlike their emulsion... but I think this mask is pretty decent and worth the money! You can use one sachet for up to 3-4 uses depending on how much you put on your face. Mine lasts a bit longer because I don't put a lot since I have a small face. But anyhoo, all in all this made my face a bit brighter and so smooth.. plus the smell is divine and it's very refreshing too! :)

Visit Jewel Tone at Robinsons Magnolia 2/F.
and their facebook page: JeweltonePH

Lush the golden wonder (Review)

Finally, I can make a review about this not so little cutie right here. The golden wonder from Lush! :)

I like that it has really gold shimmery and it smells divine!

I like the fact that it's big and when you shake it there's like a sound from the inside hence the name "Golden wonder" you would really wonder what's in the inside of this?

"First take some time to shake it, listen to the little rattle from within and try to imagine what’s in there. Then drop it in your water and revel in the sweet orange and cognac oils." - Lush
Cognac oil- is native to France and is part of the Vitaceae family.
This bath bomb is guaranteed to put you in the mood for festive celebrations. You could even try using our new, unpreserved Celebrate body lotion after your bath – they share the same fizzy champagne cocktail fragrance.
This isn’t a bath – this is an event!
We loved this ballistic so much, we decided to put one of our most popular perfumes in it, so that lots of people will enjoy bathing in it. Long standing customers will recognise the smell of Snowshowers shower jelly. Newer customers might like to know that the smell is of a light fizzing champagne cocktail, and contains sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil. So wonder no longer – put one of these in your basket and try it for yourself.
This ballistic contains edible gold lustre and soluble paper stars – so there’ll be no sparkly bits left to clean out of your bath afterwards." - Lush
Because my bath is a little too small I tried breaking this in two and just out of my curiosity really.. I am a geek like that. lol

and here's the inside! little cute colorful thingy mah jiggles. :))

and here's what happened when I tried this on water. it's soo pretty!!!
then I just relaxed and enjoyed my bath.. I noticed how it was so moisturising on my skin.. and I love how the water turned out. I actually spent my whole bath experience pretending I was a mermaid. haha
photo from my instagram @ilovetrina
But then I really can't call it a bath without bubbles, so I kinda put a wee bit of my milk and honey bubble bath so I could relax a little bit more with the softness of bubbles.
I would totally recommend this and I can't wait to try out more from lush! :)

My current facial cleansers! :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hello guys today I will review two of my new facial cleansers that I currently use simultaneously everyday.

The first one would be this Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy facial foam. I saw this and I bought this because it's the newest by far from Garnier and I like the fact that it says it's an energizing facial foam plus it brightens skin and fights acne.. and true enough I've been using this every morning and it wakes me up every single time because of it's fruity scent.It does brightens my skin too and I didn't have any break out since I started using this. It's one of those drug store facial cleansers that truly works. I like this!

Then at night when I feel like my skin needs some soothing.. I use this Aloe Vera Cleansing foam from the Nature Republic. I love this and this definitely can sooth your tired skin or when I have redness on my face I go straight to this. The scent is very gentle and definitely smells like Aloe Vera which I currently love since I tried the natureby Aloe Vera sheet mask.

Both of these cleansers are absolutely divine! if you wan't something very affordable yet effective then you might want to give these a go. If you have any affordable facial cleansers that you want to share pls do! :)

Beauty time: Sunday Pamper Day! :)


x x x

Hello guys, finally after what feels like a decade I can finally do another pamper day post! yay! I call this as Beauty Time and I had several posts about pampering (click to see here, and here, here, here, here) I am obsessed with pampering myself after a long stressful days, weeks. But this time I recently been very very sick that I had a mild pneumonia.. so to catch up and kind of treat myself after overcoming those sick days I decided to go on a full pamper day last sunday. So here are some of the products that I have used and been trying.

First off, I might be a little bit late about this product but anyways I tried this Candy Mountain for the first time last Sunday and I gotta say.. this might be my all time favorite now! There is no surprise that I've been currently so obsessed with Lush products.. I don't know what took me so long to actually really appreciate their products but whatever. Thank goodness they got me so hooked because there are some incredible products from Lush that really saved my skin. which I will be including in my January favorites post! :)
anyways so I just needed a bit of this candy mountain to run a bath because I don't have a huge bath.

I love how it turned the water into a really cute pink!
look how much bubbles it made! at first I was kind of doubtful if that small chunk would actually be enough to give my bath some bubbles but to my surprise lotsa bubbles guys! hooray!

Then I proceeded with my hairmask. I am currently using this Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Masque that I'm pretty sure my sister got from Watsons.
I love the smell of this and there isn't any spectacular about this to be honest.. just a regular hair mask but I like the smell and it somehow managed to make my hair kind of soft.

Then ofcourse a pamper day will never be complete with face mask!
I finally get to try this Kose Clear Turn White sheet mask

I decided to soak it in my hot bath just to avoid that cold painful shock that most mask gives on my face.. don't get me wrong I love cold masks but just for a change I wanted something warm on my face.

and c'mon guys look how beautiful (not my face) this mask!! I loooove thin sheet masks and this kind of reminds me of My beauty Diary mask which I haven't tried yet btw.. but I've researched it enough to know what it's like. I know I know that's kind of ridiculous but whatever I'm getting mine soon because boyfie just bought me lots of MBD masks!! yay.. which I actually posted on my instagram.

So yeah.. I just chilled like a villain and enjoyed being a girl. :)

What's your favorite thing to do on your pamper days? let me know..

Lush Ocean Salt (Review)

I just want to make a quick review about this new discovery of mine.. I know that it took me so long to finally try this most raved about scrub from Lush. And I gotta say that "it's better late than never". Haha Anyways, I am currently loving this that I use this every week as my exfoliator. It helps so much with blemishes and for clearing my face a little. 
It has a weird scent to it because of vodka and lime with avocado and coconut oil but it smells really refreshing nonetheless.

The texture was a bit grainy.. Honestly when I first saw this at Lush I was like scared it would be too abrasive for my skin because of its big chunky sea salt in it. But the SA told me that I should mix it first and add a bit of water to somehow make it more gentle. 

So I mixed mine with spatula and to my surprise it turned out really creamy..

FYI: the vodka, lime, coconut, avocado ( "the acidity from the salt, vodka and lime helps remove dirt from your pores, helping minimize blemishes and killing off bacteria. While the coconut and avocado moisturize the skin with its rich buttery texture and antioxidants")

Overall: You need a good stir before using it. Although the first few times it's kind of rough but then as you get rid of the big salts it kind of mellows out into a very nice and relaxingly mild exfoliation. After using this my skin felt sooooo smooth and soft like a baby's butt!! Kind of expensive but worth the price! Totally recommend this!!

what's your favorite Lush product? ;)
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