Jewel Tone Vitamin C folacin Radiance Mask (Review)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shout out for the Jewel Tone Ph for giving me (and two of my friends) this Vitamin C  Folacin Radiance Cream Mask for free.. yay! You can get this though for Php250/sachet and Php1,500 for 5 sets of masks. Anyways, this is basically a skincare line that caters for pregnant ladies (lol) but can be use by the single ladies like us. It's just so safe to use for mothers to be so that's why it's kind of expensive too. I think that these Jewel Tone products can really help the skin and health of the expectant moms and also their babies because of it's high in folacin which is very very  important for the development of babies and then Vitamin C for whitening effects. I've tried this twice already and I can pretty much say that I kinda like it.

Here is the texture of the mask, as you can see the texture is quite like your normal cream.. but as you put this on your face in a circular motion, you'll notice some little bids that would act as an exfoliant for the skin.. nothing too abrasive though so don't worry.

and the smell... like oh my gosh!! this smells ahhhhmazing!!! I love how it kind of remind me of the peach fruit.. it's just so fruity! I actually think that Jewel Tone has this trademark scent because I've also tried their emulsion samples, I got two of them by the way (mwahaha) which I like very much!

As you can see, you can barely even see that there's any mask on my face.. which is good I guess because unlike any sheet masks, you won't look like a serial killer as you try to beautify yourself. haha

Then after 10-15 minutes I rinsed it off and here's my face!

At first try, I honestly didn't see any effect or whatsover and I actually kinda don't like it but after my second try I finally learn how to love it.. I don't like love it like a lot unlike their emulsion... but I think this mask is pretty decent and worth the money! You can use one sachet for up to 3-4 uses depending on how much you put on your face. Mine lasts a bit longer because I don't put a lot since I have a small face. But anyhoo, all in all this made my face a bit brighter and so smooth.. plus the smell is divine and it's very refreshing too! :)

Visit Jewel Tone at Robinsons Magnolia 2/F.
and their facebook page: JeweltonePH

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