Lush Ocean Salt (Review)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I just want to make a quick review about this new discovery of mine.. I know that it took me so long to finally try this most raved about scrub from Lush. And I gotta say that "it's better late than never". Haha Anyways, I am currently loving this that I use this every week as my exfoliator. It helps so much with blemishes and for clearing my face a little. 
It has a weird scent to it because of vodka and lime with avocado and coconut oil but it smells really refreshing nonetheless.

The texture was a bit grainy.. Honestly when I first saw this at Lush I was like scared it would be too abrasive for my skin because of its big chunky sea salt in it. But the SA told me that I should mix it first and add a bit of water to somehow make it more gentle. 

So I mixed mine with spatula and to my surprise it turned out really creamy..

FYI: the vodka, lime, coconut, avocado ( "the acidity from the salt, vodka and lime helps remove dirt from your pores, helping minimize blemishes and killing off bacteria. While the coconut and avocado moisturize the skin with its rich buttery texture and antioxidants")

Overall: You need a good stir before using it. Although the first few times it's kind of rough but then as you get rid of the big salts it kind of mellows out into a very nice and relaxingly mild exfoliation. After using this my skin felt sooooo smooth and soft like a baby's butt!! Kind of expensive but worth the price! Totally recommend this!!

what's your favorite Lush product? ;)

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  1. I did love the product and I am sure it works wonders for others but for myself this product was too abrasive and it sting my legs every time I used it.


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