Project Pie at Eastwood

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When my boyfie came home.. He went straight to my school (as always) to see me and then invited some of my friends for dinner. How sweet of him right? We went to this new store called Project Pie at eastwood mall. It was basically a pizza restaurant where we can design our own pizza and choose whatever toppings we want, the base of the pizza. Etc.
The first one: Base for your pizza either red sauce, white, olive oil. We went for the red sauce..
Next: The cheeses.. You can either pick one or pick everything like what we did and it turned out so awesome!
The third one: The toppings! You can choose as many as you want.. Infact, all of them! 
The last one: ofcourse the condiments, onions, pickles, etc. I didn't choose any.
We ordered one pizza each/person. The size was just fine to be honest.. It was actually quite big. If I remember correctly, one pizza actually costs Php285 (?)
Here's mine.. Just the typical pizza! I was a bit sick that day so I didn't enjoy much of my pizza because I literally can't taste anything at all. Too bad for me. :( But still after a few minutes..
It was all gone.. Haha I still managed to eat my pizza because I was really hungry. But nevertheless, we all enjoyed our pizzas and my friends really loved it!

Tea time: Celestial Green tea Decaf mint Review

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello fellow tea lovers! today I will be reviewing my new found love.. Celestial's Green tea decaf mint! I know I am a bit late for this since Celestial has been around for many many years already. But it was only last week that I decided to give it a try.

I've always wanted a green tea that I could drink regularly and at night without making me stay awake. And  finally I think I have finally found one! I bought a pure green tea box that I could not even sip because of it's strong taste and high in caffeine. Thankfully this celestial green tea is decaffeinated one and has a white tea and minty taste to it so it was rather soothing and not strong.

When I opened the box I actually thought that I bought loose tea leaves because I actually thought that it would come in an individual small wrappers..

Anyhoo, this reminded me so much of my Detox Tea from marks & spencer. The smell and packaging and all that.. but that one comes in like a foil packaging while this one is paper type.

Verdict: I really really like this. I thought I wouldn't love this because I am not much of a minty type of person when it comes to Tea.. or when it comes to everything. But I was wrong. This one was actually pretty decent and smooth. I like the minty taste.. but it wasn't too strong at all. I actually suggest that if you want to start out with any Teas.. this would definitely be perfect! Plus it's very cheap for only Php70 you'll get 10 pcs of this. Next time, I'm gunna try some of Celestial's tea especially the Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

Tony moly I'm real Rice mask sheet (Clear skin) Review

 Rice extract (1,000ppm), snail extract
Essence with oil softens skin
3 layer pulp mask sheet gives deep moisture
Rice extracts brightens skin
5 No added (Paraben, Talc, Benzophenone, Triehanole, tar coloring)

So today I will be reviewing another facemask that I've had for awhile but I haven't really tried until last Friday. I've been experiencing some skin issues eversince I've ran out of my toner and moisturizer and I haven't really bought any since then. I just use my Jason vitamin e oil every morning instead of using my regular toner and moisturizer. So I figured why not try this Tony moly face mask and see if this could really help clear my skin.
What I really like about this facial mask is that when I opened it, it was not dripping wet and the essence was just enough unlike the others. So it wasn't really that messy and complicated to use. And I personally like the smell of it. I loooove the smell so much.. kinda like a baby smell (?) If you like the smell of babies like I do then you would love this too! it smells really really nice.

And as you can see the mask fits my face really well. I didn't have a hard time adjusting it to my liking since it pretty much landed on my face nicely. Plus the cotton was just absolutely fantastic! I haven't tried any cotton as soft and as smooth as this! I could not stop touching my face because of how soft the cotton was. I like this! and it's by far the best sheet mask I have every tried.
Here's my face after putting the face mask on for like 25 to 30 mins. It pretty much did brightens up my skin a bit and the essence soaked up on my skin kinda easily or was it because of the aircon (?) I don't know. But there was some essence left in the packaging so I used them as a serum after taking off the sheet on my face. I like that it wasn't really sticky at all and it made my skin super super soft like a baby's butt! (lol I keep saying babies) but it was true! my face went really really soft and I had a good night sleep because of that.

my face in the morning. I have't really washed my face here. I just woke up and decided to take pictures to see any improvement. As usual my skin is not perfect and it was still kinda red as always but it did improve my dull skin and lighten it up a bit so I was very satisfied and happy with it! The effects lasted for like 3 days that I can really see my skin was really at bay and not dull.. 

Too bad though everytime I visit the tony moly store their facial masks were always out of stock. But hopefully, they would stock up on this pretty soon because I could  not wait to try their other I'm real face mask line.

*Brightens my skin
*True to it's claim
*Smells divine
*Didn't break me out
*very nice cotton sheet
*Fits really nice
*made my skin super soft
*Cleared my skin
*the effects lasted for about 3 days

*dries kind of quickly
*didn't fit my mouth perfectly

Overall rating:
*9/10 I would definitely repurchase this! :)

Tea Time: Skin Detox Tea (Review)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

So, I finished up my entire Skin detox Tea and I figured I should do a review about it because I love it so much! Anyways, I bought my skin detox at the healthy options store (as always) I was about to buy another box of their Green Tea super antioxidant when I ran out but I figured why not try their skindetox tea since I heard so much about this. So anyways..

Skin detox tea is basically a Rose Tea with Hibiscus, burdock, yellow dock, and red clover.
This tea though is more on the the rose petals after tone if I may say. So I find it very calming and relaxing.

So what this tea does is that it helps clear your face through cleansing.. not like it's gunna make you poo-poo and pee-pee everywhere. It's nothing like that. I don't know what kind of detoxifying thing they do but they probably help detoxifies the toxic in your body or the free radicals.. that's why this tea would probably be good for those people who suffers from acne. I on the the other hand, just wanted something that would put the acne or my skin at bay because I have a very acne prone skin (well, I'd like to think that way) because of my hormonal problems. So I always make sure to prevent it from happening specially now that I don't take any pills.
And as always, I like the fact that yogi has different tea quotes inside each teabags.. so it would kinda inspire you everytime you brew a tea. I find myself getting all giddy and excited to read the quote of the day. It's the little things people... it really is. haha
So all in all, I didn't see any vast improvement since I've only gone through a box of this.. but definitely it did a great job of keeping my skin at bay or for preventing my skin to break out during the time of the month. Like literally, I used to have zits and blemishes whenever I get my period but during the time being that I was drinking this Tea.. like oh my golly gracious!! I never really had any major breakouts or anything at all. My skin was all clear like I'm not even exaggerating here. That's why I knew it was working.

So there, I will definitely buy another box of this soon! or maybe try the Get Gorgeous Tea from The republic of tea! who knows? Let me know if you have tried any oft these tea guys! :)
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