Project Pie at Eastwood

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When my boyfie came home.. He went straight to my school (as always) to see me and then invited some of my friends for dinner. How sweet of him right? We went to this new store called Project Pie at eastwood mall. It was basically a pizza restaurant where we can design our own pizza and choose whatever toppings we want, the base of the pizza. Etc.
The first one: Base for your pizza either red sauce, white, olive oil. We went for the red sauce..
Next: The cheeses.. You can either pick one or pick everything like what we did and it turned out so awesome!
The third one: The toppings! You can choose as many as you want.. Infact, all of them! 
The last one: ofcourse the condiments, onions, pickles, etc. I didn't choose any.
We ordered one pizza each/person. The size was just fine to be honest.. It was actually quite big. If I remember correctly, one pizza actually costs Php285 (?)
Here's mine.. Just the typical pizza! I was a bit sick that day so I didn't enjoy much of my pizza because I literally can't taste anything at all. Too bad for me. :( But still after a few minutes..
It was all gone.. Haha I still managed to eat my pizza because I was really hungry. But nevertheless, we all enjoyed our pizzas and my friends really loved it!

Me and my boyfie.. Reunited after one year! So happy. He's really the best! :)
With my girlfriends, Pam, Pauline, Faola.

All in all, I would recommend this pizza place because it was a really nice place hang out with friends to enjoy such good company and great pizza! I will definetely visit this place again when I'm feeling completely fine and normal so that I could enjoy my pizza more. :)

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  1. looks delish! hope you had fun :)

    xoxo, rae


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