Tea time: Celestial Green tea Decaf mint Review

Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello fellow tea lovers! today I will be reviewing my new found love.. Celestial's Green tea decaf mint! I know I am a bit late for this since Celestial has been around for many many years already. But it was only last week that I decided to give it a try.

I've always wanted a green tea that I could drink regularly and at night without making me stay awake. And  finally I think I have finally found one! I bought a pure green tea box that I could not even sip because of it's strong taste and high in caffeine. Thankfully this celestial green tea is decaffeinated one and has a white tea and minty taste to it so it was rather soothing and not strong.

When I opened the box I actually thought that I bought loose tea leaves because I actually thought that it would come in an individual small wrappers..

Anyhoo, this reminded me so much of my Detox Tea from marks & spencer. The smell and packaging and all that.. but that one comes in like a foil packaging while this one is paper type.

Verdict: I really really like this. I thought I wouldn't love this because I am not much of a minty type of person when it comes to Tea.. or when it comes to everything. But I was wrong. This one was actually pretty decent and smooth. I like the minty taste.. but it wasn't too strong at all. I actually suggest that if you want to start out with any Teas.. this would definitely be perfect! Plus it's very cheap for only Php70 you'll get 10 pcs of this. Next time, I'm gunna try some of Celestial's tea especially the Honey Vanilla Chamomile.

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