Back from the real world... (Not from the dead this time)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello blog world!! Sorry for my super lack of posts.. I know! I've been busy living the real life out there that I haven't been able to blog anything at all for the last 3 months that King was here. I guess, being with my boyfriend after a year apart was just too beautiful for me that I was so consumed by it that I didn't wanna do anything at all except being glued to him 24/7. Sooo clingy! I know.. I need a job. lol And ofcourse a lot of things happened.. my graduation which I will try to blog soon. Yes! after so many years from nursing to masscomm I am finally done with college! although I can't say I am finally done with schooling.. coz I'm still planning to study abroad (Australia). More of that later on..

but Anyhoo, I will try to blog more this week and share some of the beauty finds and tips that I've recently discovered! Just some new random discoveries that I've been meaning to share.. So stay tuned for more!! :)

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