My beauty diary: Black Pearl Mask (Review)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello beauties, today I just want to share with y'all my thoughts about this whitening facemask that my boyfie got for me while he was in Taiwan. It's called Black Pearl Mask from My beauty diary.. 

This is actually one of the most popular masks that they have. You can see a lot of raves and reviews about this online.. Anyways, what I love about my beauty diary is that they don't go overboard with the smell unlike other masks I've tried. MBD (mybeautydiary) has a very subtle and mild scent to their masks which makes it more gentle and safe to use. 
The mask sheet: the thing I like about the mask itself is that it's very thin,. Which is good because when it comes to masks.. The thinner the better. Thinner sheet means this would allow more products to sink into your skin better. It wouldn't feel like "Ohmygod this sheet is drinking all of the essence".

And because their sheet is thin. This also fits like a second skin! As you can see.. The cuts are just perfect for my face. I don't have to adjust it from time to time. And btw, just because it's thin it doesn't mean this can be tear easily. It's still very intact and hard to tear.. Although ofcourse, you still have to be careful. 
ignore the lines from the facial mask cuts
Final verdict: I really like this mask.. I think that it's effective. It can brighten up the face a bit but not so much.. I use this whenever I feel like my face was too burnt already because of the sun. It's my go-to-pick-me-up-mask during this kind of hot weather and really strong sun. I definitely recommend this. :)

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