Sweet Speckles Nail Polish by Bobbie (Review)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I'm not gunna lie.. I used to be obsessed with nail polishes. It was like my most favorite thing to do! But when I went for College I kinda forget all about it because my school was not allowing nail polishes. Ikr! What a bummer. 

Buy anyways, now that I am finally done with College and just started working.. I am kinda making my way back into love (pun intended) lol into nail polishes actually. Then I saw this little cutie called "Sweet Speckles" by Bobbie nail polishes. I fell inlove with it because of the fun going on with those colors. And for 60 pesos I was like "it's a steal!"
At first coat, it was kind of sheer looking but after a few more here's what it looks like! 
I love love this! It doesn't give much of a justice because I was just using my iphone. But this looks really good and neon! I highly recommend this girls. If you see this anywhere, go grab it! :)
Any cute nailpolishes finds lately? Share them, I would love to know. x

Empire Home: Saint Tropez Scented Candle Review

Hello beauties, if you've been following me on my instagram then you would know how much I've been obsessing over candles lately. So today I'm gunna share with you guys this candle that I bought recently. It's called "Empire Home" in Saint-Tropez scent. I've been seeing this at Robinsons Department store eversince I was in college. But I have't gotten a chance to actually purchase it but when I saw this last friday on a 50% off sale, I figured it was time for me to try it. Oh yes, you know me and sale. Cheapskate right here! lol
The first thing I actually like about this is the fact that it's very chic and classy looking.. I like the detailed print to it. I think this would look stunning on your vanity table as a decor candle.
Empire home candles were all carefully hand-poured. They used premium soy waxed (or so they claim) so I had high expectations to it. On a cold sniff, the scent is very mild, and rather summery or beachy. I can definitely imagine being in Saint Tropez with this candle.

The face shop haul (SALE)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last friday night I decided to drop by The Face Shop to check if they were really having SALE because honestly, they rarely ever go on sale.. Infact this is the first time I've ever seen them on sale. And honestly, they didn't even have like a sign infront of their store that says they're on sale. It just says "best sellers with better prices" or something that rhymes like that. But anyways, just to try my luck I went inside and saw that some of their products were really on sale!! So I was like "is this really happening??". And as always.. I went there just to check, and now I have a haul. lol

Creightons Revive Raspberry and Pomegranate Bath and Shower Review

As you all know, I have a great love about toiletries as I love having my "me time" in the bathroom. Today, I want to share with you guys my new bubblebath/shower gel from Creightons. I bought this for only Php275 at the Beautybar Podium. 
The product claims that this can awaken your senses and revive your soul. I especially like the color of this one and that actually what attracts me the most. I've been eyeing this for awhile now and finally I was able to pick it up and try it for myself. 
The texture was a bit thick but still runny. The smell was amazing too and fruity.

Ever Bilena: Famous Lipstick in Peppery Pink review

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hello ladies, today I will be reviewing this new found lipstick that I've been wearing this past whole week. 

Since I started working, I always find myself looking for make-up products like foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc. at the department stores. It's not that I don't usually wear make-ups.. I love make-ups but I mainly focus on skincare most of the time.. so this is like the first after what feels like forever. 

So anyways, I've always loved Ever Bilena lipsticks.. I used to have their best seller matte lipstick in "off beat pink" which I really really love also. The thing I love most about their lipstick is that it's very affordable. And they don't smell  funky to me at all unlike some cheapo lipsticks out there that smells like plastics or whatnot.

Cinnamon apple muffin with chia seeds recipe! :)

Hi, this is actually a late post. I baked this one probably 2-3 weeks ago but I have't gotten enough time to blog about it. But anyways.. This recipe is actually very easy to do. 
Here are the things you need:
*Apple Cinnamon muffin mix
*Chia seeds
*1 egg
*Muffin cups

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