Creightons Revive Raspberry and Pomegranate Bath and Shower Review

Sunday, July 20, 2014

As you all know, I have a great love about toiletries as I love having my "me time" in the bathroom. Today, I want to share with you guys my new bubblebath/shower gel from Creightons. I bought this for only Php275 at the Beautybar Podium. 
The product claims that this can awaken your senses and revive your soul. I especially like the color of this one and that actually what attracts me the most. I've been eyeing this for awhile now and finally I was able to pick it up and try it for myself. 
The texture was a bit thick but still runny. The smell was amazing too and fruity.
I put a few drops on my bath and at first it turned the water a bit pink which kinda excites me but then it fades away after seconds. Nonetheless, I can still smell the fruity scent.
After a few minutes... I was so amazed how this one can create so much bubbles! The bubbles were pretty fluffy and thick and soft which I like.
And ofcourse, I got some candles to make it more relaxing.. As always. lol

Verdict: The only downside to it would be the fact that it doesn't foam up that much when used as a shower gel.. Infact it doesn't really foam up at all which is kind of a bummer as it says this can be used as a shower gel too. I feel like it would be a waste if I use this as my shower gel as I tend to pour more products for it to foam up so I just use this one now for my bath. But all in all, I would definitely recommend this product. It's very affordable, foams up your bath really well, can awaken your senses, etc.. and I am actually planning to buy the Vanilla Macadamia one as it smells heavenly!! :)

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  1. I used this exact product and my skin would not stop itching all night, and the burning sensation all over my arms and legs felt like my skin was on fire. I could not stop it despite cold showers and calamine lotion. I have used the other products in this range with no problem but this particular one literally made my skin crawl.


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