Empire Home: Saint Tropez Scented Candle Review

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hello beauties, if you've been following me on my instagram then you would know how much I've been obsessing over candles lately. So today I'm gunna share with you guys this candle that I bought recently. It's called "Empire Home" in Saint-Tropez scent. I've been seeing this at Robinsons Department store eversince I was in college. But I have't gotten a chance to actually purchase it but when I saw this last friday on a 50% off sale, I figured it was time for me to try it. Oh yes, you know me and sale. Cheapskate right here! lol
The first thing I actually like about this is the fact that it's very chic and classy looking.. I like the detailed print to it. I think this would look stunning on your vanity table as a decor candle.
Empire home candles were all carefully hand-poured. They used premium soy waxed (or so they claim) so I had high expectations to it. On a cold sniff, the scent is very mild, and rather summery or beachy. I can definitely imagine being in Saint Tropez with this candle.
I burned it yesterday just to try it..
Within few seconds..
I can already tell that this candle would tunnel..
And I was right! 
I hate when candles do this.. For every candle lovers out there, I know you would feel me with this one. We all love candles to have an even burning. But this doesn't do that. I tried to give it a chance and let it burn for a few minutes more but it just keeps on tunneling on me. Plus the scent isn't there at all.. It was very mild and I can't really smell anything at all even if it was just burning beside me. What a shame! 
This candle was originally Php345 but I got it for only Php175 (50% off) so I can't really complain. Good thing I bought this now because if I happened to buy this on its regular price I would be very mad. Haha
This is what it looks like after cooling it down for a few minutes.. So sad! I would definitely still recommend though this as a decor because this would really look cute on your home or room. But this definitely not for burning. This comes with two more scents though New York and Manhattan. Still thinking of getting them to be honest as I would like to give this another chance. lol

You, what are your fave candles? :)

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