Ever Bilena: Famous Lipstick in Peppery Pink review

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hello ladies, today I will be reviewing this new found lipstick that I've been wearing this past whole week. 

Since I started working, I always find myself looking for make-up products like foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc. at the department stores. It's not that I don't usually wear make-ups.. I love make-ups but I mainly focus on skincare most of the time.. so this is like the first after what feels like forever. 

So anyways, I've always loved Ever Bilena lipsticks.. I used to have their best seller matte lipstick in "off beat pink" which I really really love also. The thing I love most about their lipstick is that it's very affordable. And they don't smell  funky to me at all unlike some cheapo lipsticks out there that smells like plastics or whatnot.

I am currently on a hunt of a good peachy-pinky kind of lipstick as I am starting to get really bored with my plain ole' lip tint from Tony Moly.. I figured it's time to grow up a bit and try lipsticks for real though. lol
Looks like I found the perfect one without breaking my wallet! :)
EB Famous "peppery pink" Php165

I love the packaging too.. I think its just pretty okay and girly for a lipstick. Nothing too fancy.. Just very chic and okayyy looking.

The shade is almost nude with a wee bit of a pink tone to it. This would be the perfect color if you wanna go for a natural looking make-up.. 
And for the price of Php165 you'll get a good amount of lipstick.. 
I will defintely try and seek for more local lipsticks out there and share them with you guys! 

What's your favorite drugstore/local lipstick? I'd like to know.. Thanks :)


I would like to hear from you. :)

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