The face shop haul (SALE)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Last friday night I decided to drop by The Face Shop to check if they were really having SALE because honestly, they rarely ever go on sale.. Infact this is the first time I've ever seen them on sale. And honestly, they didn't even have like a sign infront of their store that says they're on sale. It just says "best sellers with better prices" or something that rhymes like that. But anyways, just to try my luck I went inside and saw that some of their products were really on sale!! So I was like "is this really happening??". And as always.. I went there just to check, and now I have a haul. lol

The first thing I picked up was this make-up remover wipes.. Which was not on sale btw. But I've been meaning to try this eversince I ran out of my etude wipes. I know that wipes are like really bad for our skin but this has been my life saver evesince I started working because ya know when you arrived home from work ain't nobody got time for a full on oil make-up remover routine.. So (Lezz be honest home gurls ahkay?) I just slap one of this on my face and then proceed with my facial cleanser as usual.. I still do the double cleansing.
I will review this stuff soon vs. the etude wipes. Just a hint: I like this one better.
Then I also picked-up these Special Zone Care masks specifically made for the smile lines. These were on buy 1 take 1 so I grabbed these for Php120 I believe.
And last but not the least... This AURA CC CREAM that I've been eyeing for the longest time! Yes oh yes!! This was on sale! I love this one and I've tried this on sample before and I fell inlove with it but it was like Php1,500+ something which is way expensive for me. But this is what it looks like on my face the first time I've tried it. The coverage was just awesome!

Anyways, I was thinking of getting the full compact for Php1,195 (sale price) but it was still too steep for me so I bought the refill instead.
I figured I won't be bringing this with me anyways though so it's okay. Plus I've been trying to cut my spending. Because I buy way too much stuff. lol
good thing the refill comes with a sponge. I bought this for only Php765 I think? Which is way more cheaper if I buy the full compact. So yesh! Kudos for me!
If you haven't tried this one what you actually need is to push that thingy mah jiggy for the product to come out.
A little goes a long way with this CC Cream! It's very buildable and I actually don't need any concealer because of its great coverage. 
I really really love this one and I would highly highly recommend this eventhough its a bit on a pricey side. I'm not sure how long there's gunna be a sale butdefinitely  check them out if you're at the mall. :)

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