Blog sale end of August 2014!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Hi, I just quickly wanted to post some stuff that I just de-cluttered from my stash. Basically some stuff that I won't be able to use anymore because I have a lot of other stuff that I've been trying.. Or some of them are just way too many (ie: facemasks) that I need to shell out some of them. So yeah let's start off with Skincare items..

Restore me eye cream (60% full) Php80 only.

3w Clinic Refining Wrinkle Eye Cream (85% full) Php150 only. Selling this on mg IG store for 400. 

Avon Chocolate and Milk Mask (85% full) Php120 only.

The faceshop chia seed and olive samples (never been used) Php40/each get all three for Php100 only!

Avene TriAcneal 5ml deluxe size pimple cream (40% full) Php65 only.

Emulsion De La Mer Oil Absorbing Cream (75% full) Php100 only. Sample size.


Black Pearl Mask from My Beauty Diary (2 pcs only) Php100/each.

My Beauty Diary 2-step Europe Clarifying Mask Php150/each.
- this comes with a serum and the sheet mask itself.

Beauty Buffet Face Mask Php50/each. 
Available masks: Black Pearl, Cherry Blossom, Rice Wine Yeast, Rose Moisturizing Mask, Raspberry and Vit C, Red Grapes.

My Beauty Diary: Instant Soothing and Repairing Mask (Review)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello, I am back for yet another mask review! I feel like I haven't done one of these for ages so yeah.. As you all know I have a huge love over My Beauty Diary mask which is a well known mask brand in Taiwan because they have a massive variety of effective sheet masks. Today, I am going to review one of their newest facemask line that they've launched this 2014 I believe. 

It's called the "Instant Soothing and Repairing mask".

It has 5 pieces inside plus 1 free Black Pearl mask which I also did a review before.

I have always loved their packaging.. I think that it's very catchy and super cute! 

Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hi, before I forget and finish this whole jar of goodness.. I just wanted to quickly blog about this moisturizer. It's the Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream from Nature Republic. I know that this one is kinda popular and actually won awards from the Get it beauty award 2011 and Allure beauty award 2011! So talking about this probably won't make any sense anymore because bajillion of people already talked about this fo' sho'.. But whatever, I thought I should give my two cents on it!

The price: I didn't actually purchase this one because I used to sell this. But if you want, you can buy yours here in the Philippines at the Nature Republic Store for only Php645 if I'm not mistaken (please correct me if I'm wrong) but yeah.. This comes with three different colors for different types of skin. The jar is quite big (80ml) so you could feel like you've actually get what you've paid for! 

There is Pink for dry skin, Blue for oily, and Green for combination skin. I opt for the green one because I have a combination skin and duh?! Who wouldn't want to try something that won awards?? lol
This is perfect for my skin because I have combination skin.. I tend to have very oily T-zone at the end of the day and this helps me fix that problem.
The packaging: The jar itself is very sturdy/hard glass. Plus, I like the fact that it's very hygienic especially those with sensitive skin.. I think that it's very important that this comes with a little spatula that you could use to get the product.

Super chic and affordable Magnetic Board for my office! :)

I bought another office organizer related last last thursday night! I saw this at SM MEGAMALL Department store and immediately fell inlove with it! I was looking for other colors, specifically "pink"  that would match my office theme which is ofcourse so girly. But since this doesn't come in different colors (bummer!) I still decided to get this! And for only Php60, I think this was a major steal. 

The greatest thing about this is that you can actually just hang it or magnet it on your cubicle walls because yes! it comes with two (2) attached magnets at the back! How awesome is that? :)

I decided to put on this little blackboard sticker so I can put on the month and change it from time to time! Easy peasy.
I love this! And this definitely add so much chicness to my office area. 
What dya think? :)

Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Foam (Grain Essence) Review

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy bath facial yogurt foam has been my favorite for these past few months. Honestly, I've gone through Two (2) Tube bottles of this. That's how much I love it! Not only this cleanser makes my skin super soft, this can also prevent my skin from breaking out like cray! Plus the smell is amazing. 
This coves in different essence like Berry, Fruits, and Herb!

I am using the Grain Essence which is made for the normal to dry skin, the Berry one which my boyfie likes so much is for combination and rough skin I think, then the Herb one for oily and acne prone, and fruits for the dry skin or combo, I am not quite sure. But all of these works so well!! 

The berry can whiten the skin, especially problematic areas like the nape and hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone. Some of my clients hoard this berry as this helps whiten their skin.. They all also smells really really great! especially this Grain Essence, if you love the smell of baby or powdery scent like me, then you would love this!

If you want to order and try this Happy Bath Facial Yogurt, you can visit my instagram or message me. :)

How To Get Organized! (National Bookstore Hauls)

Hello, I just quickly want to share with you girls these new finds that I saw at the National Bookstore last night.. I was on a hunt of things that could help me get organizer, y'know me and my inner "anal girl". So I was so happy and amused when I saw that the National Bookstore finally has cute things like these! 
The first thing I got was this "Bill Organizer" Php115. I personally like the pink girly packaging plus I needed something like this where I could place my bills, payments, and receipts. Handling my business and working full time at the same time isn't that easy, so I was so thankful to finally have something where I could place all the business matters while I am at work. This would make things easy peasy.
I also got some random stuff where like this Chalkboard Sticker Php37 and Organizer Labels Php26!! so affordable right? all of these were from Hallmark! and honestly, I can't wait to visit National Bookstore again to buy some more awesome stuff.. :)

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Face mask Review


I don't know but for some reason I've been breaking out quite recently.. maybe due to stress or lack of sleep or  because I just ran out of my avene cleanance gel or I need a new skincare or whatnot. 

 But whatever that is, I can't just practically ignore it and just go on with my life, so I decided to find something that would somehow keep my acne's on bay.. I said acne as if it was that bad. haha   

Anyways, so I went to the body shop to see if they have something I could try without spending billions of bucks. And luckily, I saw this little mask called Tea Tree, I've heard a lot of good stuff about this Tea Tree line but I haven't really gotten the chance to actually try it out myself. Hence, the body shop could get really expensive at times. Not unless, when they are on sale.. you know which unluckily they weren't when I visited.

So anyhoo, I got this little sachet for only Php95!  Good for two to three uses.. I think that this is actually a good that they sell something like this so that people can try out the product first before actually buying the whole thing. 

Consistency: The mask itself is kinda like a lotion but a bit thicker but also very thin for a mask. 
         Smell: It kinda smells herbaly-ish to me, very tea tree and minty.
Tea Tree is really good in keeping our skin at bay and honestly, Tea Tree mask has been my go-to whenever I feel like my skin is about to breakout. In fact, the blotting paper that I use from forever21 also has Tea Tree. I tend to actually buy products that has some kind of salicylic acid on it or tea tree.
So, as you can see here the mask was really thin and you can barely see it at all. It was very different from the masks I've tried before like the queen helene julep. This mask isn't drying at all! I was actually expecting it to make my skin stiff but with this on I can still literally eat which I think is a good thing to avoid any wrinkles.
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