Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Foam (Grain Essence) Review

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy bath facial yogurt foam has been my favorite for these past few months. Honestly, I've gone through Two (2) Tube bottles of this. That's how much I love it! Not only this cleanser makes my skin super soft, this can also prevent my skin from breaking out like cray! Plus the smell is amazing. 
This coves in different essence like Berry, Fruits, and Herb!

I am using the Grain Essence which is made for the normal to dry skin, the Berry one which my boyfie likes so much is for combination and rough skin I think, then the Herb one for oily and acne prone, and fruits for the dry skin or combo, I am not quite sure. But all of these works so well!! 

The berry can whiten the skin, especially problematic areas like the nape and hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone. Some of my clients hoard this berry as this helps whiten their skin.. They all also smells really really great! especially this Grain Essence, if you love the smell of baby or powdery scent like me, then you would love this!

If you want to order and try this Happy Bath Facial Yogurt, you can visit my instagram or message me. :)

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