How To Get Organized! (National Bookstore Hauls)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hello, I just quickly want to share with you girls these new finds that I saw at the National Bookstore last night.. I was on a hunt of things that could help me get organizer, y'know me and my inner "anal girl". So I was so happy and amused when I saw that the National Bookstore finally has cute things like these! 
The first thing I got was this "Bill Organizer" Php115. I personally like the pink girly packaging plus I needed something like this where I could place my bills, payments, and receipts. Handling my business and working full time at the same time isn't that easy, so I was so thankful to finally have something where I could place all the business matters while I am at work. This would make things easy peasy.
I also got some random stuff where like this Chalkboard Sticker Php37 and Organizer Labels Php26!! so affordable right? all of these were from Hallmark! and honestly, I can't wait to visit National Bookstore again to buy some more awesome stuff.. :)

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