My Beauty Diary: Instant Soothing and Repairing Mask (Review)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello, I am back for yet another mask review! I feel like I haven't done one of these for ages so yeah.. As you all know I have a huge love over My Beauty Diary mask which is a well known mask brand in Taiwan because they have a massive variety of effective sheet masks. Today, I am going to review one of their newest facemask line that they've launched this 2014 I believe. 

It's called the "Instant Soothing and Repairing mask".

It has 5 pieces inside plus 1 free Black Pearl mask which I also did a review before.

I have always loved their packaging.. I think that it's very catchy and super cute! 

ofcourse, as you open it.. you can see that the mask is dripping wet!
That's probably what I hate most about their facemasks.. although, it is actually a good thing that a facemask  have so much serum inside.. I just personally think it's messy that's why I rant about it. 

But on a brighter side, they always have one of the best sheet ever! not too thick, and not too thin as well. It also fits like a second skin which is why I tend to use their masks more than the rest of my collection.

 ...after 30 mins or so, you can definitely tell that the facemask is all ready to be removed because it would start looking like this. I personally like that it's still very moist before I remove it so I can use what's left on the mask to moisturize my nape, neck, toes, or feet as well.
 FYI: Don't leave the mask for too long as this would end up drying your skin instead of moisturising it. Plus it can suffocate your pores, so try not to do that.
my fresh face after the mask..

I personally used this mask because I've been breaking out quite recently. I love this mask as this instant soothe my itchy skin and making it appear so much brighter. I felt like it lifts away all the impurities, I know that sounds so commercial like.. but that was true! I love this and my skin improved a lot after just 1 use of this. Definitely, if you could get your hands on one of their (my beauty diary) masks, go and buy them. You won't regret it. They are seriously amazing.


  1. Hi sissy i am from ph, and i really love your blogs here..i have been saving your page always in my bookmarks! You are so lucky because you can buy beauty products that you like unlike me..hahaha i feel like i want you to be my older sister..btw more blessing to come!^^ you really inspires me a lot.. :)

    1. hello sweetie! thank you for your kind words.. I can always be your sister if you want! I love making friends. :)


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