The Body Shop: Tea Tree Face mask Review

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I don't know but for some reason I've been breaking out quite recently.. maybe due to stress or lack of sleep or  because I just ran out of my avene cleanance gel or I need a new skincare or whatnot. 

 But whatever that is, I can't just practically ignore it and just go on with my life, so I decided to find something that would somehow keep my acne's on bay.. I said acne as if it was that bad. haha   

Anyways, so I went to the body shop to see if they have something I could try without spending billions of bucks. And luckily, I saw this little mask called Tea Tree, I've heard a lot of good stuff about this Tea Tree line but I haven't really gotten the chance to actually try it out myself. Hence, the body shop could get really expensive at times. Not unless, when they are on sale.. you know which unluckily they weren't when I visited.

So anyhoo, I got this little sachet for only Php95!  Good for two to three uses.. I think that this is actually a good that they sell something like this so that people can try out the product first before actually buying the whole thing. 

Consistency: The mask itself is kinda like a lotion but a bit thicker but also very thin for a mask. 
         Smell: It kinda smells herbaly-ish to me, very tea tree and minty.
Tea Tree is really good in keeping our skin at bay and honestly, Tea Tree mask has been my go-to whenever I feel like my skin is about to breakout. In fact, the blotting paper that I use from forever21 also has Tea Tree. I tend to actually buy products that has some kind of salicylic acid on it or tea tree.
So, as you can see here the mask was really thin and you can barely see it at all. It was very different from the masks I've tried before like the queen helene julep. This mask isn't drying at all! I was actually expecting it to make my skin stiff but with this on I can still literally eat which I think is a good thing to avoid any wrinkles.

That bad boy zit on my jawline is really annoying!

Verdict: I didn't have an after pic as I was too lazy to do it and very sleepy.. but overall, the mask wasn't really hard to take off and it didn't feel like there was some residues left on my face. It was very easy to rinse. and by the way, it kinda has a tingling sensation which I was expecting and like, because I feel like it really works when it stings (not in a bad way, it was very bearable).

Now, I'm not really sure if it worked for me but that zit on my jawline is all healed now (thank heavens!).. but I also did other stuff as well like putting on my julep mask the next day, and dabbing a duac cream on my face.. but I guess, this isn't bad at all. and plus, it made my face a bit brighter by the way after washing it. Definitely, I would recommend this if you are having problematic skin. I wouldn't say I was really blown away coz I only tried it once. But I think that is an 'okay' mask for me.

Have you guys tried this mask before? share your thoughts. x

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