Gotti's Ristorante

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I had a dinner date with my friend Andi at Gotti's Ristorante a while back.. And I kinda forgot to blog about it but anyways here it is. 

I've known Gotti's for quite sometime now and I've dine here before already but I somehow forgot the taste of their food.. So I was very happy to visit again!
I ordered for the Pesto Php150 "accidentally".. 

I was actually ordering for the white sauce one but for some reason I think I've read the wrong one. So there ya go.. Nope no regrets! I love this one so much and their serving was pretty big too! I love the fact that it's creamy and it has tidbits of bacons or ham (?) but I didn't get to finish the whole thing actually because I was so stuffed already! 

My friend Andi ordered for the Chicken Cordon Blue as always! That's her favorite dish. I also tried it and it was pretty good too!

Bath and Body Works Candle Dupe!

If you've been following me on instagram then you'd know my obsession about candles. I love candles, but it's pretty hard to collect good ones especially if you have a tight budget. I've been meaning to share this with you guys but I had to test these candles first before I could share them with you.

We all know how pricey it could get just to buy yourself a 3-wick bath and body works candle. I should know because I sell candles! Some online shop sells them for a pretty hefty price of 900.. However, I sell mine for only 780/each. Eventhough, it's quite affordable if you buy them at my shop.. I am aware that not everyone can actually spare the money for an overpriced candle. So here's a little tip for  you guys..

Buy the Mainstays 3-wick candles!

I saw these a while back at the Handyman store when they were having a sale! I got my first one for 30% off.. Then I went back and saw that they were having a sale 2 for the price of one! Php269? (I forgot) so I bought more.

I was quite doubtful at first but when I tried burning one of them, I got really obsessed immediately.
One of my all time fave was this Sun Splashed candle.. Mainstays candle burns pretty much evenly!! The wax was very comparable to bath and body works and the scent throw was amazing!
..and look how pretty this one burns! The scent of this one was kind of fruity and mild and just oh my gosh!! I love the smell of this. I live in a pretty spacious house, but this one can fill up the entire house in a matter of minutes. I didn't exactly expect that to happen because of its price.. But surprisingly it did! I was very happy about it.

The BDJ September box. (My first BDJ Box!)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello guys, finally I can do the unboxing post for this long awaited beauty box of mine! I got my very first BDJ box like 5 days ago.. I was quite excited to do the unboxing because this is like my very first beauty box! 

FYI: BDJ is a very well known beauty box here in the Philippines. Basically, this is a beauty subscription box wherein you have to pay Php580 every month and get beauty products worth more than what you've paid for.. Sometimes, twice or triple the price. I find it quite hard to order for a box because their boxes were pretty much sold out all the time. So if you're planning then you better hurry girl! 

Anyways, this September box was huge!
I can already tell from it's size that it was pretty much stuffed to the brim. And I was right!
The month's theme is about Beauty Innovations. 
Basically these items were like our old time favorites that gets better and better through the years.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray Review

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I have a new guy... His name's Mario. 

I've always been on a hunt for a perfect face mist. And I think the hunt is over because I have finally found the one. It's Mario Badescu's Facial Spray with aloe, herbs, and rose water. Retails for Php445 at Rustans Shang-rila Mall. Mario Badescu's skincare range has been around for ages and ages ago.. Since 1967 to be precise. It became popular because of it's simple and natural ingredients and when other celebrities went gaga over it.

I've been using this for like over a month now and I use it as my 'booster spray' at night and in the morning after I wash my face.. This relives the dryness and brings back the moisture into my skin! This works wonders.. I have never found a facial mist that can plump up my skin in an instant! It says that it can also be used as a setting spray for makeup which I sometimes do.. And it gives a more natural dewy healthy looking skin. This is very versatile and always comes in handy. 

Mr. Park's Bread and Cake Cafe (The first visit impression)

Friday, September 19, 2014

At one fine morning, I decided to try this little korean bread and cake cafe at ortigas (near sapphire condo) after my bank appointment. I've always seen this as I am currently handling The Sapphire West account. The cafe was small and cozy looking so I gave it a try..
I was so amazed by their cake selections! It was so many and I really really admire the cake decorations. Kinda reminds of the Tous Les Jours but their cake (Mr. park's) was more elegant looking and just pretty eats!
One thing though, they didn't put prices on their cakes which is kind of a bummer.
My favorite one!! So cute this cake!!! Gah!

Teasome date with Andi! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I've tried this new Teasome place at Sta. Lucia last night with my friend Andi. The thing that attracted us to this place was their classy and inviting interior. It was very cozy and classy looking.  At first, we thought they probably serve High end tea or really hardcore ones that comes as loose tea leaves because the vibe was kind of like that. I didn't bother taking pics of the place itself as I went there for purely chatting.. but then I think the place was worth of a blog post so let's just give it a whirl. 

(Photo from their facebook page)

The TEA Menu:
I personally think that their Teas are fairly priced. 

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer (First Impression Review)

I have finally jumped into the bandwagon and actually bought the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer! I've always been skeptical about this product but the same time really really curious. 

I've seen this a thousand times through beauty youtuber before but it got really popular here in the Philippines recently. I couldn't get my hands on it as I find some of the online shops sell this ridiculously expensive! I almost bought it at my recent trip to bazaar but I still couldn't justify the price Php480-650.. So I waited and waited.. And finally! I have found an online shop that sells this for a really cheap price!!!  See, there is beauty in waiting. Haha
It says on the packaging that this instantly erases dark circles and fine lines. Also visibly diminishes puffiness! I also heard that this doesn't sit on their crease line or fine lines.
I am not sure how many shades they offer but I opt for the brightener with pink undertone as I have fair skin. I was kind of discerning between getting the light or the brightener one at first but I decided to get this. Maybe I'll get the light shade next time.. Who knows? Maybe next week! 
I love that it's a twist thing to dispence the product. Also, it's so fluffy I'm gunna die!! lol 

Solemate! Affordable everyday flat shoes :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hello guys, this could probably be a wee bit late! 
But I just quickly wanted to share with you guys these Solemate shoe sale happening at SM now! I am not quite sure until when this is going to be on sale.. but you can definitely check them out.
The first one I got was this Peachy-pinky flats. 
You know me and peach and pink! We go together like craayy.
I love the lace detailing which makes it even more girly to wear! Love this.
The next one was this typical greyish flat shoes which I think is really simple yet elegant.

Nichido Matte Lipstick in Temptation Review

Friday, September 12, 2014

So, my love for make-up especially lippies have only gotten stronger for these past few weeks. And today, I wanna share with you guys what I've recently discovered thru a friend. It's the Nichido Matte Lipstick in Temptation for only Php188! Major steal! :)
My friend Dane, who's a make-up artist just shared this one to me recently when we had our photoshoot (which I can't wait to share with you guys soon!).

I've always been a fan of red lipsticks but I always opt for the classic red or the red-orange-ish type of lippes but never have I gone too dark for a red lipstick like this. This one is too bold and dark.. this definitely screams fierce to me!

I love the shade of this particularly and this kinda reminds me of a mac lipstick! I think the "Riri woo" or maybe a tad bit darker.. More of like the "dark side" mac. I love the sophistication and flirtiness it brings while wearing it.
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