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Sunday, September 28, 2014

If you've been following me on instagram then you'd know my obsession about candles. I love candles, but it's pretty hard to collect good ones especially if you have a tight budget. I've been meaning to share this with you guys but I had to test these candles first before I could share them with you.

We all know how pricey it could get just to buy yourself a 3-wick bath and body works candle. I should know because I sell candles! Some online shop sells them for a pretty hefty price of 900.. However, I sell mine for only 780/each. Eventhough, it's quite affordable if you buy them at my shop.. I am aware that not everyone can actually spare the money for an overpriced candle. So here's a little tip for  you guys..

Buy the Mainstays 3-wick candles!

I saw these a while back at the Handyman store when they were having a sale! I got my first one for 30% off.. Then I went back and saw that they were having a sale 2 for the price of one! Php269? (I forgot) so I bought more.

I was quite doubtful at first but when I tried burning one of them, I got really obsessed immediately.
One of my all time fave was this Sun Splashed candle.. Mainstays candle burns pretty much evenly!! The wax was very comparable to bath and body works and the scent throw was amazing!
..and look how pretty this one burns! The scent of this one was kind of fruity and mild and just oh my gosh!! I love the smell of this. I live in a pretty spacious house, but this one can fill up the entire house in a matter of minutes. I didn't exactly expect that to happen because of its price.. But surprisingly it did! I was very happy about it.

My next favorite from them would have to be this candle.. Tropical fruit. I love fruity scented candles as you can tell. But unfortunately, this doesn't have an amazing throw like the first one but I still love the scent of this, and this burns evenly as you can see in the photo.
I just love watching the wax pool.. So pretty! I find that the scent of this grew stronger when I was about to finish it. Nonetheless, I still like the scent of this.

And last.. Warm Apple Pie. I know a lot of you like the scent of apple. But somehow, I am not much of a fan of this scent. I think this one smells like a chapstick to me.. Smells like lipbalm which I don't really like.
The scent throw though was quite strong and this burns evenly as well.. But it's a bit too sweet for me although my family likes the scent of this one.

So all in all, I think Mainstays candles are the closest dupe for the bath and body works. Although ofcourse, I would still prefer the BBW candles as their candles are totally to die for!! But I love these mainstays as well.. Esp if you're on a budget! Too bad though as they don't have a lot scent available here in the Philippines (Just 5 to choose from) unlike in US. But nonetheless, I still can't wait to try the two more of their candles -- the vanilla and the fresh baked cookies. Those two candles I have to pick soon! Anyways, you can try buying them at Robinsons Department Store as well. Their candles are always on a discount price. :)

I hope this helps a lot..
and please let me know if you have tried them! x

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  1. Mainstays! They used to sell this at shopwise pero wala na din now (or at least the shopwise I go to).

    Glad to hear it's available somewhere else. They say they have this in S&R pero ayaw ko naman magpamember para lang sa candles.


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