Gotti's Ristorante

Sunday, September 28, 2014

I had a dinner date with my friend Andi at Gotti's Ristorante a while back.. And I kinda forgot to blog about it but anyways here it is. 

I've known Gotti's for quite sometime now and I've dine here before already but I somehow forgot the taste of their food.. So I was very happy to visit again!
I ordered for the Pesto Php150 "accidentally".. 

I was actually ordering for the white sauce one but for some reason I think I've read the wrong one. So there ya go.. Nope no regrets! I love this one so much and their serving was pretty big too! I love the fact that it's creamy and it has tidbits of bacons or ham (?) but I didn't get to finish the whole thing actually because I was so stuffed already! 

My friend Andi ordered for the Chicken Cordon Blue as always! That's her favorite dish. I also tried it and it was pretty good too!

Andi also ordered for the Chicken Fingers

Lastly, the lasagna.. I had high hopes on this one because well, it looks so perfect and yummy! But don't be fooled.. This sucks.. I was expecting this to be a bit tangy and very Italian like but heck no! This was sweet and just blaah forget it.. 

But all in all, we did still manage to enjoy our food except the lasagna which we didn't even finish. I am looking forward to dine here again this week as I would love to try their pizza!! :)

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