Mr. Park's Bread and Cake Cafe (The first visit impression)

Friday, September 19, 2014

At one fine morning, I decided to try this little korean bread and cake cafe at ortigas (near sapphire condo) after my bank appointment. I've always seen this as I am currently handling The Sapphire West account. The cafe was small and cozy looking so I gave it a try..
I was so amazed by their cake selections! It was so many and I really really admire the cake decorations. Kinda reminds of the Tous Les Jours but their cake (Mr. park's) was more elegant looking and just pretty eats!
One thing though, they didn't put prices on their cakes which is kind of a bummer.
My favorite one!! So cute this cake!!! Gah!

And ofcourse, it wouldn't be called as bread cafe without the breads.. 
They also have a huge huge selection of different breads and loafs..
This time thankfully, they put a price on each bread. Ranges from Php28+ up.. 

The style was more like the norms.. You get a tray and tongs to put all your breads. But the best thing? They have this mini plastic container where they put pieces of bread to try for free before actually buying them! which is brilliant. Free food is always brilliant. :p

Anyways, here's my plate!! I ordered choco chip cookie scone (?), cream cheese bread, 3 cream puffs (greentea, chocolate, custard). 

I was ordering strawberry yogurt shake but it wasn't available.. So I got the plain one instead. Php100 yogurt shake.

If I were to be really honest, I would say this cream cheese bread (Php47?) was the only thing that I really liked. The cream cheese inside was not too sweet but it was creamy and really tasty. Also the bread kind of melts into your mouth.. If you know what I mean. But not something I would crave from time to time. It was just so-so for me. The yogurt was a complete fail, I didn't even get to finish it. The 3 creme puffs were not as good as they look! I just ate half of each and I was like, okay I am outta here! 

It's such a shame how I didn't like their pastries.. Maybe I ordered the wrong ones, or maybe it was just me. I don't know really. Go try it yourself! But as for me, maybe with their huge selection of pastries and cakes.. I am pretty sure there are really good ones that I just missed, and should have ordered instead. But all in all, this is probably still worth a try..

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