The BDJ September box. (My first BDJ Box!)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hello guys, finally I can do the unboxing post for this long awaited beauty box of mine! I got my very first BDJ box like 5 days ago.. I was quite excited to do the unboxing because this is like my very first beauty box! 

FYI: BDJ is a very well known beauty box here in the Philippines. Basically, this is a beauty subscription box wherein you have to pay Php580 every month and get beauty products worth more than what you've paid for.. Sometimes, twice or triple the price. I find it quite hard to order for a box because their boxes were pretty much sold out all the time. So if you're planning then you better hurry girl! 

Anyways, this September box was huge!
I can already tell from it's size that it was pretty much stuffed to the brim. And I was right!
The month's theme is about Beauty Innovations. 
Basically these items were like our old time favorites that gets better and better through the years.

Ta-daah! I can already see full sized products!! 
Ofcourse, first off you'll get this little card with the lists of all the products inside and their prices.
Free inspirational stickers that says "Seek the beauty in everything you see." I can already tell where I would want to use these! :)

A free makeover voucher at any PAC counter worth Php1,500! 
Let's start off with the biggest products inside.. I got 2 massive conditioners from Cream Silk worth Php134/each. I was so happy that I got these because I actually use cream silk as my conditioner for like... Forever? So these were really useful!! 
I also got Two Daily Hair Vitamin from Dove Php75/each. I was so excited that they have included these because I was actually planning to buy these since last week because I think these were the newest from Dove!! Love it!

Then I also got Two Ponds Dewy Rose Gel Php150/each. This is basically a whitening cream that can lighten the scars and hyper pigmentation, also can smoothens the pores. Sounds really promising but I don't really use ponds so I gave these to my Mom.

I got Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Toner Php60. and Godiva LicoWhite Whitening Facial Wash Php85 (for full size) I got sachets. These are the ones I don't really care about. I don't use Godiva and so as my mom.. So I really don't know what to do with these. If you have any experience with Godiva products please let me know what you think! I would love to know.. :)

I also got two massive Jergens Daily Moisture Pack! Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion Php88 and Jergen's Daily Moisture Php153. These will be on good use because we all like lotions at home.. We actually eat lotions. lol

and ofcourse the only make-up products in this box were these Fanny Serrano products. Yay!! I heard a lot of good things about his products so I was quite excited.

FS Single Eyeshadow Php150. I got the Pacific Breeze which I find quite pigmented.. Although the light was pretty much washing it out. I like the color but I normally use natural tones so this will be the first if ever.

FS Long-wear Gel Eyeliner (brown) Php299! I'm not really sure if I can pull this off because I am used to wearing black eyeliner.. But I heard brown eyeliners can actually help make your eye colors pop more. So I am definitely excited for this one! Plus it comes with a free brush. So yay!

And last but not the least..
I got Beach Hut Clear Spray Php390! I am most excited about this one because I don't actually have any sunblock anymore for the longest time now!! Haha so this will definitely be useful and for its size, this will last me forever! lol

That was all that I got for my very first September box! I can say that I am pretty much happy with everything! All in all, the total of what I got from this box was Php1,584 + the PAC 1,500 voucher. Definitely worth every money!! Go check out their website and get your very first box before they're completely sold out of their November box! Yes sadly, October box was sold out so you have to wait for another month for your box. 

Expect more unboxing (yes!!)
of my BDJ box for the months to come. :)

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