My first ever Diamond Peel Experience at JaoMD Skincare Clinic (Part 1)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who would have guessed that in the midst of a busy district like in Ortigas.. There is actually a hidden gem waiting to be found by a skincare freak like me? 

I visited this very minimalist clinic located at The Grand Emerald Tower last week. I knew I was in desperate need of a good exfoliation a.k.a Diamond Peel because I was actually having problems with my skin lately as I find that I break out a lot than usual.. Maybe due to stress, but mostly because I was so busy that I sometimes forget the importance of exfoliation and a good skincare routine. Boo me! 
Luckily, there is JaoMD Skincare Clinic to the rescue! 

I was informed by a friend that JaoMD just recently celebrated their 1st Anniversary but still extending some of their promos. So I gave it a try.

As you walk inside the clinic you'd be greeted with a smile by the lovely and friendly assistant of Dra. Jao named "honey". I swear she was so nice and accommodating and so as Dra. She even insisted to tour me around the clinic.. So here's a little sneak peek for you guys.

Ofcourse, first things first-- Their extended promos!! 

I was also happy to see that I can actually invite or refer my friends and get my next treatment at 50% off! Yay!! :)

and sure enough, as soon as I sat down they handed me this form to fill up for my record. 

The mini tour of the clinic.

The hallway.

The IPL room. The room they use for hair removal treatments etc.

The products they use and offer. Exclusively and carefully formulated by Dra. Jao. I heard one of their best sellers was the "Revitalizing (?) Toner" which was sold out! 

And Oh yes! these soaps.. I heard so many good things about these! 
The first soap was actually red and good for acne prone skin as this can actually dries up pimples really fast and super effective. The one in the middle was the orange one for whitening which is apparently good for fading dark spots and pimples as well. The last soap was the oatmeal one, which was mild and moisturizing.. I was informed that this soap is also safe to use for babies! Yeah, somewhat similar to Dove. The best thing about these? Super affordable and hoardable for only Php150/each (if I remember it correctly).

Behind the door was their Radio Frequency System. I am actually looking forward to try this one next time as I would like to lose some inches on my arms and belly! I mean who wouldn't want to lose fats without going under the needles and stuff? lol

Anyways.. That's it for the mini tour of the Clinic. 
Stay tuned for the actual treatment procedure on my next blog post! :)

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