My first ever Diamond Peel Experience at JaoMD Skincare Clinic (Part 2)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now that I have toured you around the clinic.. let us now begin with the actual Treatment. I opt for the Facial with diamond peel which was super affordable for only Php800!! (It's not even on promo.)
All these creams and products they use smells really really good and relaxing! 

 Now to the fun part.. 

 First things first, gotta remove my make-up!
 (Hello! My haggard face from work..)
 JaoMD really takes the effort to thoroughly remove all my make-up (except my lipstick coz I was wearing a matte lippy) while massaging my face as well. It was super relaxing!
 then proceeded to scrubbing my face making sure all the dead skin cells are buffed away and my face was left squeaky clean.. 

 After that, it's time for the vacuum and facial steaming.

What the vacuum does is that, it lifts all the black heads and white heads on to the surface.. Making them much easier to extract.  And Oh! How I love facial steams and how they make me feel like my skincells are all breathing again. I know you can't really see it here but they were actually steaming my face.. Getting my face ready for pricking! Yikes. And though I was very relaxed because of the steam, I was still very much anxious about the pricking part. But I know my skin needs it anyway.. So I went through it!


For years.. I've always been so scared of the thought of pricking my face. I've heard tons of rants and people trying to warn me not to go under the extraction. I was actually debating for a few minutes whether I would want to push through with the pricking or not but JaoMD assured me that everything will be fine. So with my brave soul and pounding heart (lol) I did! And boy was it scary? Hell to the NO!! I was actually falling asleep because of how relaxing and mild the supposed to be "scary" pricking went. It was kind of heavenly! I was super relaxed the whole time. JaoMD definitely made sure to use only the mildest touch ever! I know some clinic tend to be a bit harsh that's why a lot of people are scared about doing facials... but not with this clinic! I am telling you girl it was the best experience ever! I was glad I went through it and proved myself wrong.

 Then ofcourse after the pricking they have this laser device that closes all my pores and kinda heal all those freshly pricked white heads and black heads making sure no bacteria will penetrate the skin. 
Next, facemask time! to soothe my skin and cancel out the redness. As you can see from the 1st two photos, my face was still a bit red but after a few minutes it went away very quickly because of this mask.. not only this soothes the skin but also made my skin super smooth and soft. Plus I love the scent of this! 

Now to the actual Diamond Peel..
JaoMD uses machines from the US. Which was a major plus! I know some clinic uses machines from china that's why their treatments are pretty cheap.
 Anyways, here's my face while going through the diamond peel. Basically, diamond peel is a painless and milder procedure of microdermabrasion or exfoliating the skin. It eliminates dead skin cells and promotes growth of healthy skin cells. I always say in this blog how important exfoliation is.. I think the best thing about going through this procedure is that not only this can exfoliate the skin but this can also help diminish the fine lines, dark spots, large pores, stretch marks, and can brighten up your skin in an instant.
Look how my face went visibly brighter! It also felt like I was wearing a powder because of how matte and smooth my skin was! Like omg, I can't even believe how diamond peel can target so many skincare problems! If I had known this before, I probably would have better skin by now. Especially now that I am not getting any younger, I know I have to be extra caring and loving to my skin.

Anyways, my face without any make-up on! My skin was super vibrant looking. I srsly, couldn't stop touching my face the whole time.. It was so smooth and baby soft! I also noticed how my foundation glides on so smoothly the next day. And how my smile lines and some fine lines around my eyes were super less visible now. Because of these changes, I can already tell that I will keep coming back every month for my diamond peel. It was indeed life changing. I was very happy how it all went. 

 You can definitely visit JaoMD Skincare Clinic from Monday-Saturday (10am-6pm). 
Located at: Unit 126 G/F Grand Emerald Tower F. Ortigas Jr. cor. Garnet Rds. Ortigas Center Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines 
Call: (02)211-2467/ 0917-7251438
 Also like their Facebook page (JaoMD Skincare Clinic) so you won't miss out on their promos!

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