Teasome date with Andi! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I've tried this new Teasome place at Sta. Lucia last night with my friend Andi. The thing that attracted us to this place was their classy and inviting interior. It was very cozy and classy looking.  At first, we thought they probably serve High end tea or really hardcore ones that comes as loose tea leaves because the vibe was kind of like that. I didn't bother taking pics of the place itself as I went there for purely chatting.. but then I think the place was worth of a blog post so let's just give it a whirl. 

(Photo from their facebook page)

The TEA Menu:
I personally think that their Teas are fairly priced. 

Ofcourse, as always.. I go for the Chai Tea with nata de coco (you can choose between pearl, pudding, nata de coco).

 I opt for the largest one which is only Php100!! They serve medium for Php90 so that was just 10 peso difference I couldn't pass it, so I ordered for the bigger one although I always opt for the smaller ones all the time as I tend to pee a lot whenever I drink lotsa tea. But I was badly craving for some CHAI tea so yeah!
I love the top cover! really nice and vintage design.
 Andi, by the way opt for Wintermelon Tea! Regular size for just Php80! 

The cool thing about this place is that they would actually ask you first about the percentage sugar you want in your tea. Unlike with Starbucks or any other Tea place wherein they didn't bother asking the customers about the sugar level not unless the customer insist first. Well. atleast with my experience.. I think that was just appropriate that they offer options for the customers esp those sugar conscious. Andi went for 25% sugar while mine was 50% as I know Chai being a black tea tends to be a bit stronger.
Both of our Teas turned out to be pretty tasty without being full on sugar! Although I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't taste the Chai that much, maybe they went overboard with ice that it kinda toned down the Chai flavor.. But all in all, Andi and I both really enjoyed our Tea.. I just wish it was a bit stronger.. Nonetheless, I am actually looking forward to visit again soon as I would love to try some more other Teas that they have! Especially the fruity ones and the ones mixed with yakult. :)

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