Sleek True Color Lipstick in Cherry Shade Review!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi loves, today I'm gunna share with you my current lipstick favorite which is the Sleek True Color in Cherry Shade! 

I saw this first from Brittney Lee Saunders Luxola Haul Video.. 
See what I mean?? So obsessed with this shade!!

I've also been shopping a lot from Luxola so I was about to buy this lipstick from them but luckily, I saw this at Megatrade Bazaar.. I forgot the name of the shop but it was so much cheaper than buying it from Luxola. I got this for only Php420 I believe? You can get this though from Luxola for Php698 but if you use the coupon code DEALS30 at checkout you'll get 30% off! Plus they have a free shipping so yeah.. I love love love luxola! 
Anyways, this is what the shade looks like. I love red lipsticks, and I know a lot of people actually prefers red-orange kind of shade but I personally like deep red shade of lipstick coz it looks very sophisticated. The packaging as well is very sleek looking hence the name. Love it!

 The lipstick itself though is rather short! For the price you have to pay it really seems kind of small to me but super cute and travel friendly. I can actually easily put this in my wallet for quick touch-ups emergency. Also, I like the fact that it's pointy, so it makes the application so much easier and perfect. 

Bath and Body works Watermelon Lemonade Candle Review

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hi loves! Today I am finally back to blogging.. So sorry for my lack of post been really busy lately! Anyways, let's get into the blogging thing coz I have a lot of blog posts to share.. So yeah, today I'm gonna share with you one of my fave candle scent from Bath and Body works (White Barn) And it's called "Watermelon Lemonade". I got the mini one 1.03 oz/ 36g which burns for approximately 10 hours.
First of all, can we talk about the lid? I just love love love BBW's candle lids. I think that their lids are always pretty amazing! It just adds so much cuteness to the candle, making it more suitable for home decors.
The scent: "Refresh your thirst for spring with this pleasing mixture of watermon Ice, sparkling water and freshly squeezed Meyer lemon." This candle is definitely one of the truest to its claim. The description says it all.. I love the scent throw of this one and I can definitely smell the watermelon and  a hint of sparkling water with lemon in it. This candle is so refreshing and sweet! But not too sweet that it can make you sweet.. It just smells really really fresh to me. And though it's just a mini one, this can definitely fill up the entire room. Well atleast our room. 
I've been burning this one a lot together with my Champagne Toast. This is just perfect for me especially the color because it's pink. I think people who likes pretty smelling fruity scent will love this one. :) 

What's your fave bath and body works candle scent at the moment? x

Essie Russian Roulette and Essence Quick Dry Top Coat (Review)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Essence Quick Dry Top Coat and Essie's Russian Roulette. The two are absolute great duo. 

 I've had these two on my nails for like a week now and I have to say, it's the best ever.

This was one of my very first Essie nail polishes.. I've heard good news about them and some negative as well. But do they work for me? Let's find out..

Fanny Serrano Long Wearing Gel Eyeliner in Brown Color (Review)

I was very happy when I got this from my last BDJ September box. I was so thrilled to try brown gel eyeliner coz I was never used to wearing any color rather than black.. So today, I just wanted to share my thoughts about this. 

As you open this, it has this sealed protection lid that you have to peel-off before using, which was good.
It also comes with a free eyeliner brush. Which I thought was very handy.

NYX Adorable palette Review (Smokey Office make-up Look)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hi girls, I just recently bought a new palette and thought I'd share it with you.
It's the NYX ADORABLE Palette! How gorgeous is this??

I normally like palettes that are neutral and just nude colors.. This palette actually comes in 3 different palettes.. The natural, sexbomb, and this adorable one.
But I opt for this one.. I like the fact that this adorable palette is still very much neutral tones yet you can re-create different looks without looking all natural. I mean you can try smokey eyes using this palette if you want to.. There are darker shades of brown that you could use to build it up.

How to revamp your workspace! (Kate Spade Inspired DIY)

Friday, October 3, 2014

I must admit, eversince I started working.. My creativity has taken a back seat. My work is no way related to being artsy fartsy but rather a very serious one consists of admin works, paper related works, phone calls, talking to clients. etc. But as always, I figured a way on how to incorporate my creativity into my work place. So let me share some of my DIY office designs that I did on my space. 
First, you need a puncher and gold stickers.
I got mine at National Bookstore for a very cheapy price of Php45 (?) for 5pcs.

I got inspired with the Kate Spade Gold Agenda.. so I figured a way on how to DIY these golden polka dots. (DIY planner soon!) Srsly guys, gold is my new favorite now!!! 
Let's begin with the DIY's shall we?? 

First off, get the punching started! (way too easy)  
After punching the stickers.. You can now stick them anywhere you'd like!
Here's what I did with mine..

My first ever Diamond Peel Experience at JaoMD Skincare Clinic (Part 2)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now that I have toured you around the clinic.. let us now begin with the actual Treatment. I opt for the Facial with diamond peel which was super affordable for only Php800!! (It's not even on promo.)
All these creams and products they use smells really really good and relaxing! 

 Now to the fun part.. 

 First things first, gotta remove my make-up!
 (Hello! My haggard face from work..)
 JaoMD really takes the effort to thoroughly remove all my make-up (except my lipstick coz I was wearing a matte lippy) while massaging my face as well. It was super relaxing!
 then proceeded to scrubbing my face making sure all the dead skin cells are buffed away and my face was left squeaky clean.. 

My first ever Diamond Peel Experience at JaoMD Skincare Clinic (Part 1)

Who would have guessed that in the midst of a busy district like in Ortigas.. There is actually a hidden gem waiting to be found by a skincare freak like me? 

I visited this very minimalist clinic located at The Grand Emerald Tower last week. I knew I was in desperate need of a good exfoliation a.k.a Diamond Peel because I was actually having problems with my skin lately as I find that I break out a lot than usual.. Maybe due to stress, but mostly because I was so busy that I sometimes forget the importance of exfoliation and a good skincare routine. Boo me! 
Luckily, there is JaoMD Skincare Clinic to the rescue! 

I was informed by a friend that JaoMD just recently celebrated their 1st Anniversary but still extending some of their promos. So I gave it a try.

As you walk inside the clinic you'd be greeted with a smile by the lovely and friendly assistant of Dra. Jao named "honey". I swear she was so nice and accommodating and so as Dra. She even insisted to tour me around the clinic.. So here's a little sneak peek for you guys.

Ofcourse, first things first-- Their extended promos!! 

I was also happy to see that I can actually invite or refer my friends and get my next treatment at 50% off! Yay!! :)

and sure enough, as soon as I sat down they handed me this form to fill up for my record. 
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