Essie Russian Roulette and Essence Quick Dry Top Coat (Review)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Essence Quick Dry Top Coat and Essie's Russian Roulette. The two are absolute great duo. 

 I've had these two on my nails for like a week now and I have to say, it's the best ever.

This was one of my very first Essie nail polishes.. I've heard good news about them and some negative as well. But do they work for me? Let's find out..

I have this Russian Roulette which is a nice classy red color.. and I also have the essie 'mademoiselle' which I haven't tried. I am all about red nails even before, I think red nails are really flattering. They make my hands looking really white and classy, and just sophisticated.
I've been pairing the Essie polish with my Essence Quick Dry Top Coat Php129. I like the fact that this dries up my nails so quickly.. Not in seconds though but definitely a lot shorter period of time. Especially me, I have no patience in waiting for my nails to dry.. (Doh?!) so this quick dry top coat really comes in handy! I also want to try their serum dry express.. I might buy that later because really.. I am so impatient especially when I started working, I just couldn't find time to pamper myself at all.. coz whenever I'm at home I just wanted to sleep.

 My nails after a week.. 

It's kind of chipped off especially at the bottom part but it's still very much intact and there. I couldn't pin point whether it's the essie's formulation itself that really prolongs it's life but I am sure that it was probably also because of the top coat. Whatever that is, I am very happy with these two! I never really expect it to last this long but it did.. So I was very pleased about it. I am actually looking forward to buy more essie nail polishes soon.

 P.S What's your fave essie polish? Also, stay tuned for my nail polishes collection haul. x

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  1. I LOVE Essie polishes!! I don't have this color but my favorite from theirs is "Chinchilly" - it's a sort of beige/gray color that's perfect for Fall.
    I really like the way "Russian Roulette" looks on you - very flattering!

    xo Deborah
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